MUTTS to Begin Appearing in Dayton Daily News | MUTTS

MUTTS to Begin Appearing in Dayton Daily News


In a recent readers’ poll, MUTTS was chosen to become a daily comic in the Dayton Daily News. Appearing as a daily strip is exciting news for MUTTS fans and readers of the publication who want to enjoy the special friendship between Mooch and Earl every day.

“It’s just cute the way the dog and cat interact,” says Jan Davidson of Tipp City, who voted for “MUTTS” in the recent readers’ poll, and says she finds the strip very funny.

Readers have fallen in love with the animal-and-earth friendly philosophy of MUTTS, making it an easy favorite. Artist Patrick McDonnell’s special outlook on the contribution that animals have in people’s lives makes the comic relatable and meaningful.

“Animals contribute to our happiness and our well-being,” McDonnell says. “In my strip, I try to capture those small moments of happiness that celebrate the human/animal bond. All animals are intelligent and have awareness and feelings. They are fellow beings and deserve to share this beautiful planet with us in peace. I try to see the world through their eyes, and give them a voice, while still keeping ‘Mutts’ fun and entertaining.”

If you are a reader of the Dayton Daily News, then check out MUTTS appearing daily starting March 10, 2014.

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