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There are still a few weeks until The MUTTS Diaries is released on October 7, 2014, but the good reviews are already pouring in! The book is a collection of favorite strips organized by character in a graphic novel format so young readers get to know the cast well.

Here’s a sample of what’s being said around the web:

From Mundie Kids: “You know it’s good when you end up picking up a book you received a day earlier, and are up at 1 am laughing hysterically at some of the comics on the pages.”

From 100 Scope Notes: “This collection will no doubt do well.”

From Bleach House Library: “I couldn’t put it down. The drawings were great too.”

From It’s a Hardback Life: “Mirroring the way the strip has evolved over time since 1994, the little vignettes in this collection are first just silly, innocuous little observations of animal behavior- cats are lazy, dogs like belly rubs- but then it gradually takes a turn into deeper, more meaningful territory.”

From Merry Meerkat Marginalia: “The puns are adorable and simple enough for young readers to enjoy them.”

From Simply Sherryl: “The antics and silliness of the characters just makes you laugh out loud. I enjoy that the little stories reach each of us on a different level. What may make my little ones giggle may have me rolling my eyes while something they think is just cute has me rolling on the floor in laughter.”

From Moon Shine Art Spot “The animals are as sweet, cute and funny as ever. ”

And read more personal reviews at and too!

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