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MUTTS Manifesto Inspires A Year of Goodness!

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We’re very excited here at MUTTS! We know 2016 is going to be our best year yet. Not only have we gained lots of new friends on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Tumblr. And not only do we have cool new shtuff coming to our store. But we’re most excited to bring our MUTTS Manifesto to life each month!

The Manifesto was created last year by Patrick and the team. It’s not just a mission statement. It’s how we’re striving to live our lives. It’s a 12-point list for a simpler, happier, more compassionate life. It’s informing what products we develop what we discuss on social media. And we’ll be partnering with some great organizations to help spread our positivity.

We encourage you to join us and try to live the Manifesto with us. Share your photos and posts with the #MUTTSManifesto hashtag so we can follow along.

This January, we’re focusing on item #1: To be kind. And since January is Unchain A Dog Month, we’re shining a light on real-life dogs who are living a tethered life. Our friends at The Humane Society of the United States work tirelessly to change laws and inform dog owners. Just like our fictitious Guard Dog, these real life pups need all of us to work for a better life for them. We urge you to learn more about their campaign.

We get lots of emails concerning Guard Dog. Have no fear, he is free in Patrick’s sketchbooks and Patrick promises to free him someday in the strip. However, Guard Dog has a job to do now, representing many dogs that live their entire lives chained. Some states have passed legislature to ban this practice. If you want to help, please contact your state legislators to introduce a ban in your state.

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