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“Shelter Me: Hearts and Paws” World Premiere Tickets Contest

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Shelter Me Premiere Ticket Contest

Starting at 9 am today, March 11, 2016, you can enter to win a pair of tickets for you and a friend to attend one of three live world premieres of “Shelter Me: Hearts and Paws” in New York City April 7, Beverly Hills April 25, or Oakland, California, April 27.*Patrick McDonnell sketches “Cindy” for his beloved Shelter Stories series.

Episode 6 of the PBS series, Shelter Me, features Patrick’s real-life interactions with Animal Care Centers of NYC staff, animals, and the people offering forever homes, to create this year’s weeklong MUTTS “Shelter Stories NYCACC,” featuring Cindy, Wysteria, Bes, Ralphy, Sweetness, and Mesilla (see if you can guess which one was inspired from the scene shown above!). “Shelter Me: Hearts and Paws” showcases both Patrick’s visit and the artist at work, “These are all true stories from my experience.”



Animal Care Centers of NYC

Animal Care Centers of NYC is the city’s only public, open-admissions animal shelter. What that means is they take every pet, and as the shelter’s executive director Risa Weinstock explains it, “We never close our doors.” So yes, they’re open 24/7 and “every homeless, surrendered, abandoned—any animal that’s in need—we must take them in.” And it’s working. According to Katy Hanson, the shelter’s marketing and communications manager, they’re on the verge of nearing 85% placement rate for over 34,000 animals. That’s a pretty big deal.”

*All winners are responsible for all travel/transportation and lodging, including all planning and expenses.

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