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Behind the Scenes: Making the Team MUTTS T-Shirt

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Hello, friends! We’re excited to tell you all about the newest addition to the MUTTS store — our Team MUTTS jersey t-shirt!

This V-neck, jersey-style tee in a rich salmon color (available in adult sizes only) features sewn-in shoulder stripes and an adorable image of Mooch and Earl, with the caption: “Play Ball!” And best of all, it’s made entirely of organic cotton.

To take this shirt from the drawing board to the store, we enlisted the help of an awesome company called Zeezeezoo. The brainchild of a globetrotting mother, Zeezeezoo is an India-based apparel company dedicated to celebrating multicultural influences and using socially responsible materials.

The materials used in this shirt came from farmlands totally free of chemical pesticides, insecticides, and fertilizers, making them safe not only for consumers and cotton-pickers, but for the environment, too! After the earth-friendly material was picked, woven, dyed, and cut to size, the TEAM MUTTS design was applied using a traditional discharge screen-printing process.

Isn’t it pretty? We think so.

Want to join Team MUTTS and purchase a t-shirt of your own? Simply head over to the MUTTS store to get your paws on one today.

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