5 Autumn-Themed MUTTS Prints That'll Look Great on Your Wall

5 Autumn-Themed MUTTS Prints That’ll Look Great on Your Wall

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MUTTS Prints for Autumn

It’s officially autumn, and we at MUTTS are rejoicing in the fresh sights, scents, and sounds of this special season. The changing colors of the leaves, the aroma of pumpkin spice and evening bonfires, the scurrying of animals migrating and collecting food for winter — these are just a few reasons we find fall to be so magically delightful.

And because we’re feeling chipper, we’re hosting a huge sale over at the MUTTS Print Shop. For three days, you can save 20% off signed and unsigned strips, museum prints, posters, and title panels! (Sale excludes keepsake prints and Manifesto posters.) We’re also giving away a free 2017 Wall Calendar with the purchase of any museum print. Hurry, offer ends Sunday, October 2, 2016!

Looking for some autumn inspiration? Here are a few of our favorite fall-themed MUTTS strips:

Redecorating | October 13, 2012
MUTTS Redecorating Autumn Strip

Summer’s Over | September 28, 2008
Summer's Over MUTTS Autumn Strip

Deer Crossing | October 19, 2014
Deer Crossing MUTTS Autumn Strip

Favorite Time of Year | October 16, 2011
Favorite Time of Year MUTTS Autumn Strip

What Did You Do? | October 6, 2013
What Did You Do MUTTS Autumn Strip

These prints (and more!) are available at MUTTS.com. Ready to start shopping?

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