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Coming Soon: A New and Improved MUTTS Website

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First of all, to those who’ve shopped at MUTTS—thank you. Secondly, we know it’s likely that you’ve noticed a glitch or two within our online shop. We’ve heard your feedback, and we’ve been hard at work responding to your suggestions for a smoother experience.

That’s why we’re so excited to announce some big changes coming soon to the Our close-knit team of designers, writers, and developers are creating a brand new site that’s guaranteed to make your tail wag. It has the charm you’ve come to expect (and love) from the MUTTS website, but with a fresher, more modern user flow.

It’s a lengthy process, and we’re small in numbers; so we’re taking it one step at a time—starting with the MUTTS Shop. (Once the new shop is up and running, we’ll roll out the design for the rest of the site.)

In just a few weeks, you’re going to notice a product section with a sleeker design, improved tagging and searching, and other user-friendly functionalities. We hope it’ll provide you with a more intuitive, hassle-free shopping experience. Other new features will include (but aren’t limited to):

  • A streamlined checkout experience. No more jumping through hoops. We’re simplifying our checkout setup to allow you to purchase MUTTS merch without navigating in and out of multiple pages.
  • Reviews. Our new store will let you rate merchandise after purchasing. And, of course, you’ll be able to read helpful reviews from other customers, too.
  • Gift cards. It’s the gift for the ultimate animal lover or MUTTS fan! You’ll soon be able to purchase digital gift cards in any amount, and send them directly (via email) to your chosen recipient.
  • An improved comic strip shop. With our new tagging database and search functionalities, MUTTS readers will have the ability to find their favorite strips by searching for specific themes, characters, and keywords.

To learn more, check back soon for updates. Until then, thanks for being a loyal member of the MUTTS community!

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