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10 Reasons to Adopt a Shelter Kitty


Here at MUTTS, we love all kitties (and all other creatures, too)! However, we think that cats in shelters deserve some extra special attention. Even with the help of loving volunteers and rescue workers, a shelter can seem like a scary place to any animal — especially a kitty.

The good news, though, is that you can help! Have you been considering bringing home a furry feline friend of your own? If so, please-pretty-please pay a visit to your local animal shelter.

Still on the fence? No problem! Here’s a list of 10 purrfect reasons to adopt a shelter cat.

  1. Shelter cats need loving homes. (November 2, 1998)LovingHomes110298
  2. They will really appreciate you. (November 5, 1998)AppreciateYou110598
  3. They’re extremely cute. (May 1, 2001)Cute050101
  4. There’s a cat out there who’s perfect for you. (May 3, 2009)PerfectforYou050309
  5. It’s a no-brainer! (May 3, 2001)nobrainer050301
  6. They’ll keep you warm. (November 9, 2002)warm2110902
  7. You can give them a happy forever. (May 1, 2005)warm050105
  8. You’ll receive more than you give. (May 7, 2006)receive050706
  9. Did we mention that they’re waiting? (May 8, 2013)waiting050813
  10. They’ll brighten up your whole world. (May 4, 2008)brighten050408

So, just go do it! Do we have to give you the hard sell?


Ready to go for it? Yesh!! (If you simply need a little help finding a kitty who’s right for you, check out this handy tool from Humane Society to help locate your nearest animal shelter.)


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