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14 Ways to Celebrate Love on Valentine’s Day

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Happy Valentine’s Day! Are you spending the day with a two-legged sweetie? A four-legged one? Both? Whatever your plans for this sentimental day, we do hope you enjoy lots of kisses and snuggles. (Not a Valentine’s Day fan? That’s okay. It’s still fun to look at cute illustrations of pups and kitties, no matter what holiday you are or aren’t celebrating!)

We at MUTTS happen to adore Valentine’s Day. And to share our enthusiasm, we’ve put together a collection of paw-sitively heartwarming MUTTS comic strips to honor the occasion. Courtesy of Woofie, Earl, Mooch, and the rest of the gang, here are 14 ways to celebrate love on Valentine’s Day.

1. Greet your sweetie with a smile. (February 12, 2016) Buy

MUTTS Because of You Comic Strip for Valentine's Day

2. Snuggle. (February 13, 2015) Buy

Naps Valentine's Day Poem MUTTS Comic Strip

3. Give sloppy kisses. (June 14, 2014) Buy

Love Solves Everything MUTTS Comic Strip

4. Shout it from a mountaintop. (February 16, 2014) Buy

Be Mine Valentine MUTTS Comic Strip

5. Wag your tail. (February 11, 2013) Buy

A-Waggle with Love MUTTS Comic Strip

6. Paint a picture worth a thousand words. (July 23, 2010) Buy

Artist Painting Heart MUTTS Comic Strip

7. Fight for what you love. (February 11, 1999) Buy

Cat Fight MUTTS Comic Strip

8. Give hugs. (February 15, 2014) Buy

Duty to Love MUTTS Comic Strip

9. Adopt a new friend. (February 14, 2011) Buy

First Time I Saw Your Face MUTTS Comic Strip

10. Be hopelessly devoted. (August 27, 2011) Buy

Your Crab MUTTS Comic Strip

11. Practice love daily. (February 10, 2014) Buy

Every Step of the Way MUTTS Comic Strip

12. Keep an open heart. (February 13, 2016) Buy

Love Finds You MUTTS Comic Strip

13. Give the gift of yourself. (February 12, 2012) Buy

At Your Service MUTTS Comic Strip

14. Stay. (May 24, 2013) Buy

Stay MUTTS Comic Strip

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