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Coming Soon: Patrick’s New Book ‘Shine!’

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There is an absolutely gorgeous book coming soon from Patrick McDonnell and Naoko Stoop. Titled Shine!, this vibrant picture book tells the story of a sea star who learns to love herself and her beautiful underwater world.

The heartwarming tale, written by Patrick, follows a sea star named Hoshi who longs to live amongst the twinkling stars in the sky. As she imagines how much better life would be up there, she fails to appreciate the beauty of her underwater home. Eventually, Hoshi’s friends help her realize that her shine comes from within.

Illustrations are provided by Naoko (creator of Red Knit Cap Girl, a New York Times Best Illustrated Book), who used plywood as the canvas for her work. This unique style — which comes to life through the artist’s use of acrylic, ink, pencil, and pastel and ink — offers the perfect texture and patterns to evoke waves and sea currents.

With Patrick’s simple and honest storytelling and Naoko’s brilliant illustrations, Shine! teaches about the many spectacular wonders that can be found inside ourselves.

Shine! will soon be available in the MUTTS Shop. Want to sign up to be notified when it arrives? Just click here and add your name to our waiting list.

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