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Follow Fur-Day: Farm Sanctuaries, Vegan Recipes, and a Special Needs Pup

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It’s Follow Fur-Day! That means it’s time to share a few of our favorite animal advocates, rescue groups, and humane influencers. We love following these accounts and think you will, too. Enjoy!

Ahimsa Acres Sanctuary

A passion project started by Jena and Anthony Mazzio, Ahimsa Acres is a non-profit farm animal sanctuary located in Richland, New Jersey. Their “residents” include ducks, pigs, horses, goats, chickens, ducks, sheep, and rabbits. Some of these animals were surrendered by their guardians who could no longer care for them, while others were rescued from neglect or livestock auctions. Jena and Anthony offer monthly educational tours and accept both on-site and “virtual” volunteers. They’re also vegan and uphold a vegan policy on the sanctuary.


Yup … It’s Vegan!

This food blog is run by a computer scientist, athlete, and vegan cooking enthusiast named Shannon, who lives in Baltimore, Maryland. As she describes in her bio, she originally started exploring plant-based diets due to personal health reasons. Shannon’s recipes are unique and experimental, though they’re generally simple to make and include easily accessible ingredients — which means they’re great for “flexitarians,” as she puts it, or anyone new to a vegan lifestyle. A couple reader favorites, for instance, include her Avocado Edamame Potstickers and her Chickpea Turmeric Stew. Yum!


Super Scooty

Super Scooty is the moniker of Scooty the specially-abled rescue dog, whose joy-filled Instagram account reaches more than 45,000 animal-loving followers. As a puppy, Scooty was struck by a car and abandoned by her guardians, and then left to drag herself through the streets of Mexico in search of food and water. Thankfully, a few great folks at Baja Dog Rescue found the terribly injured pup and started nursing her back to health. She was then rescued by Erica Loring, a human angel who came across Scooty’s story online. Today, Scooty is a happy dog with a special chair that helps her walk, run, and play. You can follow Scooty’s adventures on Instagram and Facebook.


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