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Attention Animal Shelters: Boost Your Online Presence with Free Content from MUTTS!

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Attention animal shelter staff and volunteers … Mooch and Earl want to work for you!

We’re excited to announce a new program, MUTTS Social for Shelters, to help animal shelters boost their engagement online — and ultimately help more animals get adopted.

Through this program, participating shelters will receive free daily digital content featuring illustrations from the MUTTS comic strip, which runs in more than 700 newspapers in 20 countries around the globe. Characters from this beloved strip have appeared on animal-friendly state license plates, in New York Times bestselling books, and in national campaigns for animal organizations like Petco Foundation and The Humane Society of the United States. And now, we want YOU to use them to help animals in your very own local shelter or rescue group.

What exactly will the content look like?

It will be similar to what we post on our own social media channels: full comic strips, holiday greetings, messages about animal safety and rescue, and inspirational quotes. Click here to view a sample of the kinds of posts we’re planning to offer.

How does it work?

If your shelter would like to participate, we’ll email you a weekly batch of images (with text/caption suggestions). All you’ll need to do is post them to your social media platforms and respond when someone comments. Easy-peasy!

If you already have a robust online community, you can use our images in conjunction with your own non-MUTTS posts. However, if your online presence is on the teeny side — or if your digital resources are limited — this will allow you to start cultivating an online community without the hassle of creating posts from scratch.

Is there a cost? Are there posting requirements?

There’s NO COST at all! We just want to help more animals get adopted, so we’ll provide everything for free.

In August, we’re starting a pilot program to test this project with a few shelters. Those chosen for the pilot program will have certain posting requirements; this will allow us to measure engagement and make improvements where possible. Once the program is fully launched, nearly every shelter and rescue group will be able to participate with no strings attached.

How can I participate in the pilot program?

Our pilot program will run from August 1 to August 31, 2018. If you’re interested in participating or learning more, please respond by filling out this short questionnaire by Tuesday, July 10. If your shelter is considered for the pilot program, we will contact you by Tuesday, July 17. Otherwise, we will keep your information on file and will likely get in touch when we launch the official project later this year.

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6 thoughts on “Attention Animal Shelters: Boost Your Online Presence with Free Content from MUTTS!

  1. We are interested in being involved in this – RAIN RESCUE, England. What a fab idea!!!

  2. I’m interested in the pilot program.

  3. The Humane Society of Loudoun County would like to be part of the program once it expands beyond the pilot program. Thank you.

  4. Our shelter is Reedsport K9 Shelter, we have no website, only facebook page.

  5. Please contact Clay Humane Society
    2230 Filmore St, Orange Park, FL 32065

  6. […] and would like to join our pilot program, click here to fill out a short questionnaire or visit our blog for more info about the […]

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