Did You Know? We Offer Special Deals on Comic Strips Every Day! | MUTTS

Did You Know? We Offer Special Deals on Comic Strips Every Day!

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At the MUTTS Shop, you can browse the entire archive of MUTTS comic strips by Patrick McDonnell. Yesh, that’s thousands of strips — almost 25 years’ worth! Best of all, we stay animal- and eco-friendly by printing Patrick’s artwork on reforested paper and donating a percentage of every order to The HSUS’ Animal Rescue Team.

We also offer two very special deals on comic strips every day, no coupon or promo code needed!

When you order a strip the same day it’s published, you’ll enjoy a 20% discount (and you’ll have it in your paws before anyone else)! You can always see the current day’s strip by visiting our homepage at MUTTS.com.

We also provide a 25% discount when you order three or more pieces of MUTTS artwork. This includes comic strip printstitle panel prints, and wall art prints.

(Please note that these discounts do not apply to signed or personalized artwork.)

If you have a much-loved strip in mind, try using our comic search tool, which allows you to filter strips by date, keyword, character, holiday, season, and more! Here are a few of our favorites:

“Today’s the Day” | November 2, 2014

"Today's the Day" MUTTS Comic Strip

“A Lot to Purr About” | November 26, 2017

"A Lot to Purr About" MUTTS Comic Strip

“My Heart Is at Your Service” | February 12, 2012

"My Heart Is at Your Service" MUTTS Comic Strip

Still need inspiration? Check out our colorful strips about the beach, or these wildlife-focused strips honoring Dr. Jane Goodall. Want to treat yourself to a happy cry while browsing Patrick’s Shelter Stories series? They’re all at the MUTTS Print Shop. Go on, fetch your favorite!

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