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A New MUTTS Treasury Book Is Coming Soon!

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The newest installment in the MUTTS Treasury book series is coming soon!

The 208-page paperback, titled “You Have Those Wild Eyes Again, Mooch,” will be available on October 16, and signed copies will be available exclusively at the MUTTS Shop.

You Have Those Wild Eyes Again, Mooch Book Cover

This treasury features a year’s worth of color and black-and-white MUTTS comic strips published in newspapers between January 2017 and December 2017. The strips follow Mooch the cat and Earl the dog on an array of exciting and insightful adventures with their animal and human pals.

In June, they visit a farm and get to know a few of the animals there. In October, they learn all about prairie dogs. And in May, Mooch gets a case of those wild eyes. (Kitty parents know the kind.) The book also includes appearances from Guard Dog, Crabby and his beach-dwelling friends, the Mighty Shphinx, Mooch’s Little Pink Sock, and more. Readers will also delight in a shelter story about an anxious dog who finds a new home — and new barking buddies!

Ready to add this new treasury book to your collection? Visit the MUTTS Shop on October 16 to fetch your own signed copy!

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One thought on “A New MUTTS Treasury Book Is Coming Soon!

  1. I have picked the book up and met with instant adoration. TY again Patrick… I am with Mutts forever.

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