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Holiday Gift Ideas for Book Lovers

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Starting to make your holiday gift lists? This season, consider sharing a book (or two) with loved ones of any age!

As many know, books are fuel for the imagination. They offer laughs and smiles, and they open doors to new worlds and ideas. They can be read aloud in groups or enjoyed alone in comfortable silence. And as gifts, they’re easy to wrap, easy to send, and budget-friendly.

Even better, all books at the MUTTS Shop (with the exception of board books) include bookplates that have been hand-signed by Patrick McDonnell — so they can be collected and cherished for years and years to come.

Need some inshpiration? Here are a few of our favorite books to give.

You Have Those Wild Eyes Again, Mooch: The newest in the MUTTS Treasury series! Includes a year’s worth of comic strips.


Thank You and Good Night (Board Book): An award-winning story about showing gratitude for life’s simple pleasures.
The Gift of Nothing: Mooch discovers the perfect gift for Earl, a dog who has “everything.
The Little Gift of Nothing (Board Book): A board book version of Patrick McDonnell’s critically acclaimed holiday story.
MUTTS Winter Diaries: A diary-style paperback filled with winter-themed comic strips.
A Shtinky Little Christmas: A Christmas-themed keepsake (and a great stocking stuffer!) about a wayward kitty named Jules.

Want to browse more gifts for book lovers? We have 35+ titles to choose from! Visit the MUTTS Shop to see them all.

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One thought on “Holiday Gift Ideas for Book Lovers

  1. Would love to see some of the strips turned into boxed Christmas/New Years cards. Esp. 12/25/08,12/21/14(my all time favorite),12/25/06,12/25/12,12/23/12,12/27/10. A box of 12 or 18. I’d pay $32 for a box of 18. Or framed strips – guess you already offer that.

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