Join Us for the 2nd Annual Gift of Nothing Day on December 15! | MUTTS

Join Us for the 2nd Annual Gift of Nothing Day on December 15!

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What do you get for someone who has everything? Nothing! (Nothing, that is, but the gift of time and love.)

Ready to give from the heart? Join us in celebrating the second annual Gift of Nothing Day on (or around) December 15! The Gift of Nothing Day is a holiday about making memories with loved ones while recognizing the true meaning of gift giving. It’s inspired by Patrick McDonnell’s New York Times bestselling picture book The Gift of Nothing, which features MUTTS characters Mooch and Earl and reminds readers that the gift of friendship is more valuable than anything that comes from a store.

How to Celebrate

Decorate a box or gift bag with paint, stickers, or other art supplies. Then, add a from-the-heart gift. It can be a note, a photo, or a coupon to spend time with the gift recipient. You can even blow a kiss into the package or leave it completely “empty.” You can be creative in getting your message across. The goal is to share the gift of yourself with a loved one.

We invite you to create your gift on or around December 15 and present it to your loved one on the holiday of your choice (such as Christmas or Hanukkah).

In the spirit of creativity, it’s recommended that you find, decorate, and/or construct your box by hand. However, if you wish to buy yours, we do offer a a keepsake box for purchase at the MUTTS Shop.

Find Inspiration

Last year, the first-ever Gift of Nothing Day received a terrific response from teachers, students, and families all over the country! To connect with others who plan on celebrating this year, join our online community at You can also download a PDF with more ideas (and printable activities) at

Get in Touch

If you’re planning Gift of Nothing activities with your family, school, church, or community, we’d LOVE to hear from you! Send us a message at

Want to share your ideas and special moments with others around the world? Use the hashtag #TheGiftOfNothingDay so we can keep up with your images and posts! We might even feature your activities on our blog or social accounts.

Happy giving, everyone!

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