DIY Holiday Ideas: How to Create MUTTS Ornaments Using Temporary Tattoos | MUTTS

DIY Holiday Ideas: How to Create MUTTS Ornaments Using Temporary Tattoos

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MUTTS Temporary Tattoos by Tattly are fun and safe for all ages, and they make great stocking stuffers and party favors (as you may already know).

But did you know they’re also purr-fect for do-it-yourself craft projects? Using just a bit of water and a sponge, you can apply our exclusive MUTTS designs to ornaments, gift boxes, holiday cards, and much more!

MUTTS Saving the World Ornament

To make your own MUTTS Christmas ornaments, start with plain ornaments that have smooth, dust-free surfaces. Then, cut around each tattoo, leaving some white space so you can still handle them easily without touching the designs. Then, cut small slits into the paper to help the tattoos curve to the shape of the ornaments. Finally, apply the designs using the instructions on the back of the tattoos, and spray with a coat of clear sealant (available at any craft store) to protect your festive creations.

MUTTS Yin Yang Ornament

You can add as many tattoos as you’d like to each ornament, but please be careful not to touch the applied designs — and keep them away from any curious feline pals! — until they’re sealed.

MUTTS Earl Ornament

To order a “Classic MUTTS” Temporary Tattoo 5-Pack, just visit the MUTTS Shop. For step-by-step craft guides (with pictures), check out Tattly’s helpful blog posts about creating DIY ornaments and DIY holiday cards.

Want to share your creations with us? We’d love to see ’em. Post them on Instagram using the hashtag #myMUTTSmerch, or email your pictures and stories to us at

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