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‘The MUTTS Summer Diaries’ Book Has Arrived

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A new MUTTS book has arrived!

The 176-page paperback, titled The MUTTS Summer Diaries, was released in April 2019 — and signed copies are now available exclusively at the MUTTS Shop.

This diary-style book follows cat-and-dog duo Mooch and Earl on an array of summertime adventures — from building sandcastles to exchanging knock-knock jokes with a dolphin, and so much more. Plus, it includes a “More to Explore” section where readers can learn fun facts about real-life marine animals!

“In this MUTTS seasonal diary series,” says Patrick, “I may have saved the best for last. Drawing these summer-themed comic strips brings me back to my childhood spending long, happy days at the Jersey shore. I always look forward to when Mooch and Earl go on their annual summer vacation and meet up with Crabby and the ‘Down the Shore Gang.'”

Lucas Wetzel, the book’s editor, describes The Mutts Summer Diaries as “an artistic souvenir of all your favorite summer vacations rolled into one.” Its lined yellow pages, he says, resemble a faded, favorite trip diary. “While watching Earl and Mooch build sandcastles, go for ice cream, lounge in the kiddie pool, and generally forget about their worries, the reader starts to relax and forget about their own worries, too.”

This quirky book is perfect for young readers, but fun for animal lovers of any age. Ready to claim a copy for your collection? Visit the MUTTS Shop to order yours today!

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