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A Note From Patrick: June 2019

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Hi folks,

Last month I spoke at and attended the National Cartoonists Society’s NCS Fest in Huntington Beach, where I had a great time meeting MUTTS readers, animal lovers, and fellow comics enthusiasts. I was also part of a panel discussing my favorite classic comic strip, Krazy Kat. Thank you to everyone who made the trip out to attend the festival, which looks like it may became an annual event.

Like Mooch, I’ve been dreaming of Africa, and will be spending some time there this summer (where it will be winter). I’ll be bringing my sketchbook as I’m sure this adventure will inspire many MUTTS strips. I’m looking forward to sharing artwork and photos upon return.

Lastly, I’d like to give you another sneak peek from my forthcoming MUTTS anniversary book The Art of Nothing, which will be published this fall. In addition to looking back on MUTTS’ 25-year history in newspapers, the book also features a lot of artwork I’ve created for other media, such as books and magazines.

Sweden was one of the first countries to embrace MUTTS, and Serieparaden magazine published the MUTTS strip almost right from the start. Shown below is an exclusive poster and part of a comic book insert created for the publication. In The Art of Nothing these images will be reprinted with an English translation for the first time.

MUTTS insert for Serieparaden comic magazine
Serieparaden poster. Pen, ink, and watercolor, circa 1995


MUTTS comic pages for Serieparaden comic magazine
Comic book insert for Serieparaden. Original art. Pen, ink, watercolor, and white paint, 1996

Do you have any animal-related activities or vacations planned for the coming months? I’d love to hear how you’ll be spending the season.


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43 thoughts on “A Note From Patrick: June 2019

  1. I met you, Patrick, at The Princeton Library (bookstore?). It was swell listening to you share with us your background and your current interests (Other than cartooning).
    One of the things that was talked about that day was something called “anthropomorphism”. (Assigning human qualities to animals). Could it be that you are King?
    “The shervice here is impeccable!” The other one was the opposite of the word above called “zoomorphism”. Assigning animal qualities to humans. I looked through my collection of Mutts comics and found it hard to find. But one very funny sight was Mooch playing one of the Super-Heroes which was Batman , I think.
    So we have: An animal (Mooch) assigned human characteristics from a human (Batman) with animal characteristics. Yes, I have to get out more. Thanks for listening.

  2. From July 5 – 12 I am spending the week w/my 87 year old father who lives 3 and a half hours drive from me. A few months ago he adopted a 5 year old cat recently (they are inseparable, and apparently according to the shelter, she was very unfriendly and would hiss at people who came by, but when she saw my dad she ran right up to him and they saved each other.) He also takes care of 3 feral cats, not only feeding them twice a day (including treats..) but maintains a litterbox for them in his garage (near their “winter beds”.) Does this count as an “animal-related” vacation, lol? Thanks for all you do, Patrick. BTW one of your strips is hanging up in his house (Millie and Moochie, w/Moochie shnubbing the food and Frank saying at the end “every day it’s the same dance w/you two,” lol. We miss my stepmom who was quite a Millie w/her beloved Moochie (that was really the cat’s name.)

  3. Every morning I smile even before I open your daily email. Beside the awesome comic, I always stair for awhile at the puppy tail wagging in the chair as MR peeks around the door- they dream into each other’s eyes. LOVE!!! Nina

  4. Hello Patrick, Thank you for giving me my morning smile as I read your comic strip every morning as I have my coffee. It starts my day off in the best way!

    I have been wondering if you could possibly add Trap, Neuter, Vaccinate and Return for Community Cats to your comics. We need so much more education on the need for humane control of the Community Cat population and the need to care for them. Too many communities still ban the feeding of them and continue to do Trap and Kill procedures.

    I believe your Shelter Stories have helped in ” Adopt vs Shop”. TNVR has made great progress in the past years but we need bigger Voices to help educate the masses. TNVR helps to control the population of the Community Cats and also helps to keep the numbers of cats and kittens down from entering the shelters and rescue groups. It also gives the cats better lives, making them healthier and helps to manage the nuisance issues neighbors may be complaining of.

    The best resource is Alley Cat Allies. I have been involved in TNVR and Community Cat care since 2005 in Plymouth, Michigan and also in Singapore and Ireland when I lived in those countries during my husbands international assignments.

    PS It is illegal in Ireland to declaw cats, maybe once day we can get our country or at least most States to also ban declawing.

    Thank you for your time to read my note.

  5. The first thing I do every day is read Mutts. It gets me started with a smile. You reall “GET” my dogs. So many of your comics are those two on a page.

  6. I look forward to reading Mutts each day…the cartoon is wonderful!

  7. Our three kitties (one named Mooch, by the way) are of the age that we can’t leave them for very long.

  8. I’m one of those crazy cat ladies you’ve heard tell of. Yes, I’m crazy….to do the rescue work daily that my 77 year old life is devoted to. …& to work 7 days a week to earn the money necessary to help the helpless creatures. Primarily in the underserved areas most people avoid. I TNR (Trap-Neuter-Return) ferals in many towns….& feed/water/monitor daily….regardless of weather or health. MUTTS uplifts my spirits & give me HOPE. Your work brings a smile to my face & warms my heart. So many sad situations…but then there are Lights like yourself on the planet who help the journey! Very much love from Nancy / Cat Assistance Network,Inc.

  9. Went twice to South Africa to work at schools in the black communities and had also time to visit the wildpark! Best experience of my life. The nature and the animals are so beautiful!
    Every morning I read the Mutts email and it makes my day start with a smile! Hope that 1 day you will visit the Netherlands, specifically Amsterdam and that there will be a possibility to meet!
    Enjoy your Africa trip!

  10. I’m a Boston Terrier person, have been for many years, and like to enter my dogs in local shows. It’s really a socializing hobby. Meeting new dog people & discussing every aspect of “the dog”. I know you love Mutts — not just in your comics! — and so do I. I’m a regular contributor to the ASPCA and to local shelters.
    Cats are not really my thing, but I love your cat cartoons.

  11. Absolutely adore every comic you create!!!!

  12. Patrick – I am a huge fan. My boy Chester just turned 16. He’s the light of my life. Finances prevent us from taking a “proper” vacation but we do live at the beach so he enjoys that ( and barking at everyone!) Thank you so much for Mutts- its inspirational and the first thing I read every morning!

  13. As a lover of all animals everywhere and catmom, I so enjoy reading Mutts! Thank you for EVERYTHING you do for animals all over the world!

  14. I have trouble getting around, so it will be a quiet summer with Lucy the Lump, my 13 yr old calico. Lump refers to her ability to ooze her body into large shapes when laying down, and become a regular, fairly active cat when up. I am anxiously awaiting to find out what you will see and take inspiration from in Africa. The wildlife there is amazing! Mutts gives me joy as I eat my breakfast, reading the Mutts email.

  15. I vacationed in New Zealand over the winter holidays. Such a beautiful country with kind and gentle people. They were sympathetic to my family because of the Woolsey and Hill Fires as well as the Borderline Grill shooting that occurred in our town. After the shooting in Christchurch, I reached out to one of our hosts to give sympathy to them. Next week I am going to Lee Vining for the Mono Basin Bird Chautauqua for my birthday. So many beautiful places around the world and in California.

  16. My husband and I are on a 1 year vacation around the USA. Our lovely girl Miss Red Velvet is joining us. She has a sad back story but her life now is aces. She and her 3 litter mates contracted parvo. Their owners gave them to a private shelter. The shelter fostered each pup to a foster home. 3 of 4 pups survived! A long year went by before anyone wanted to give Red Velvet, Black Velvet, or Black Berry a home. We adopted Miss Red Velvet at 16 months old last June. Both litter mates were adopted within 30 days. Miss Red is very much a lovely young girl of 27 months now. She has made our lives complete again. She loves adults, kids, and other dogs equally. Our love for her is boundless. Hope you have a great trip overseas.

    Your work makes my heart glow every day.

  17. Hi Patrick, I really enjoy your work. Keep going! Rob Eckstein (from SI).

  18. Love what you do-the gift of a smile every day and putting things in perspective. Thanks

  19. It’s funny … I’m not one to read the comics but I always read MUTTS everyday😃😃😃

  20. I’m going to the beach to dog sit for friends. They’re happy to go away so I can enjoy the condo and the dogs.

  21. We are taking our Chiweenie to Ashville, NC in July for 8 days to do all sorts of fun doggie related activities there since they are a very dog friendly city. We’ve got some hiking and canoeing planned as well as visits to dog friendly restaurants and hike to a waterfall in Little Switzerland, NC. He even has a Facebook page of his adventures: https://www.facebook.com/lummy.lumsam

  22. My family loves the Mutts Comic Strip and we read them every day. We have 3 special needs dogs and appreciate the appearance of special needs dogs in your comic strips. We cannot travel much because of them, so we look forward to hearing about your experience in Africa and living vicariously through you!

  23. I just returned from Kenya and Tanzania. It was an incredible trip. You will be amazed at all the animals. Enjoy.

  24. My daughter and I went to Africa last August for my 55th birthday. We spent our time at the Mahali Mzuri safari camp. It was an amazing, unforgettable experience. Hope your trip is just as amazing. Safe travels!

  25. Your Africa adventure will surely help raise awareness of the need to stop trophy hunting. Wishing you a wonderful time on that fascinating continent. Every Mutts strip has a message of love you express so beautifully, I love Mutts so much. Thank you Patrick.

  26. I am the “Cupcake Lady” at our local Farmers’ Market, as well as the Chair of its volunteer Board. Our first resolution was to rescind the previous ban on dogs attending the market, so I will be spending my summer Sundays dispensing cupcakes and patting dogs. Since well-behaved, leashed pets are welcome, we have even seen several cats, including our own dear (departed) therapy pet, Harry the Wonder Cat. Now our Market is a family again.

  27. What a great way to start the day with Mutts. Thank you for the smiles

  28. Almost every Saturday, I walk dogs for the local Humane Society. I love walking these dogs, though it kind of makes me wish I could take another (couple) of them home with me.

  29. I just want to say THANK YOU!!! Mutts is my must have every morning to face the world. I always laugh at the adventures in the strip and learn from the Daily Quote. WE have 3 dogs, 4 horses, 2 goats and one gigantic rabbit, that being said, I guess you can see how I can relate to the humor and humanity of MUTTS on a daily basis. Your characters bring hope and laughter in a world that is increasingly crazy, keep up the great work…we need you!

  30. I am ordering medication for my cat Teddy as he is terrible afraid of fireworks. They go off around my house for a week or more. Maybe you can help spread the word that fireworks are a danger to animals. Many disappear during that time. Encourage communities to ban individual fireworks and offer a one time community event instead.

    1. Great idea, Ann. I had the misfortune to leave my beloved Jersey shore to way upstate NY for more room for all my rescues. Well it’s not just fireworks here, people shoot off rifles. I worked in Manhattan for 30 years and I never heard a gun. Ever. So I give 2 of my dogs Xanax. The other guys don’t seem to mind. God I miss “down the shore”.

  31. I can’t wait to add the Art of Nothing to my Mutts collection. Earl and Mooch (and friends) really brighten up my day. This summer I plan to hang out on the deck before and after work with my pup Edward while he protects us from squirrels and bunnies. Edward is part West Highland/part Polar Bear/part T-Rex (or so he thinks) so does not like people (or dogs) which limits his interactions. We rescued him last August when he was 9 yrs old, so we will be having having a Gotcha-versary celebration.

  32. Hi Patrick Thank you for all the efforts to promote adoption. I wonder when or if Guard Dog might have a better life. I know he is an object lesson in how not to treat a dog, but it would sure be nice to see him in a loving home the rest of his life.

    As is true of your many other fans Mutts is my absolute favorite and your awareness of how we need to care for our earth and all her beings is another reason I love the strip.

    Thanks again,


  33. Patrick, thank you so much for sharing your gift! Mutts is my favorite comic strip. Many years ago I bought a Yesh! mug, but it broke. Any idea where I can buy another one? Please let us know if you will ever be in Sacramento, CA. Would you love to come out and meet you!

  34. Next year, hopefully taking part in transporting a baby rhinoceros in Africa.

  35. I purposely just booked a cabin in northern Michigan that is DOG-FRIENDLY because my dog is an important part of my family! I made sure it is on lakefront so the three of us can swim together and I can hardly wait.

  36. We took our one year old dog, Violet, on vacation with us this year. We spent a week in the Charlottesville VA and Shenandoah region hiking from the Skyline Drive. I’m glad we brought her because I was afraid I’d miss her too much, even though she almost pulled us down the mountain a couple times! Looking forward to Art of Nothing!

  37. I’m fostering puppies for our local shelter. Also Broken Leg Boy, a 9-month-old foster dog who keeps breaking his cast — he’s so tired of crate rest, poor baby.

    1. Thank you for being a foster! I live in Houston Texas and you’re probably well aware of all the strays we have. Fosters are such a blessing!

  38. Well, we lost our yellow lab to diabetes and then only three weeks later our golden retriever died of a lung infection that the vet couldn’t cure. It’s the first time since I was 3 years old that there hasn’t been a dog in my house.

    1. Very sorry for your losses! It is SO hard to have lost two pups so quickly.

    2. What a terrible double heartache — I’m so sorry for your loss. Remember them with love and gratitude, and know what a full and loving life you gave them!

  39. Cool!

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