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Patrick Announces ‘The Art of Nothing’ Book Tour Dates

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Patrick is traveling soon, and he may be coming to a city near you! We’re happy to announce a new batch of upcoming appearances, most of which will include opportunities for MUTTS lovers to purchase (or pre-order) signed copies of the MUTTS 25th anniversary book The Art of Nothing!

September 14 — Princeton, NJ | Princeton Children’s Books Festival
September 27 — Cincinnati, OH | Ohio Library Council Convention
September 28 & 29 — Columbus, OH | Cartoon Crossroads Columbus
October 5 — New York, NY | New York Comic-Con
November 6 — New York, NY | Society of Illustrators (New York, NY)
November 9 — Princeton, NJ | D&R Greenway
November 15 — New York, NY | HSUS to the Rescue Gala
November 23 — Miami, FL | Miami Book Fair
December 17 — Princeton, NJ | Labyrinth Books

Don’t see your city or state on the list? Stay tuned for more announcements, and let us know in the comments where you’d like to see Patrick go in the future!

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71 thoughts on “Patrick Announces ‘The Art of Nothing’ Book Tour Dates

  1. Will Patrick be adding more dates in 2020 to promote the new book, I was going to see him tonight but the weather is not great.
    Thank you.

  2. I would love to see you in the Greater Boston Area! I am in New Hampshire, but I would travel to other parts of New England to see you.

  3. THANK YOU FOR MUTTS, PATRICK! I’d love to see you visit us in Texas; perhaps Fort Worth, a wonderful city and my first choice to see you! If not in Fort Worth, maybe Austin? I live North of Austin and south of Fort Worth (in Georgetown, Tx.).

    I am a volunteer at our animal shelter. Your “Shelter Stories” are inspiring!



  4. When are you coming to Seattle? : )

  5. Patrick, you will never know the impact your daily Mutts has on our lives. The inclusion of a thought provoking quote is an added bonus. You are a genius and a true humanitarian. I thank you from the bottom of my heart. Boswell Books in Milwaukee, WI would be a fantastic venue to listen to you speak. ( that is a MAJOR hint!). Thank you Patrick for bringing a smile to my heart every single day. A Wisconsin Fan!

  6. Visit us in Manchester, New Hampshire!

  7. Please visit Nashville when you can!

  8. Either Las Cruces, NM or El Paso, Tx.

  9. Please come to the Washington DC area!!! I’d love to thank you in person for all the smiles Mutts has given me!

  10. Please come to the West Coast, Patrick! Specifically, Sacramento, CA. 🙂 Love Mutts!
    Used to have the Yesh! mug but it broke. Know where I can find another?

    1. Keep an eye on ebay…..I’ve seen them occasionally pop up in there. Right now there are 3 Mutts ‘Paws to Read” mugs that only the library could get a few years ago on there.

  11. Please come to Maryland! DC or Baltimore areas!

  12. Come south soon! The Atlanta area is home to thousands of pet lovers and has an affiliate shelter partner with Best Friends. We love your Shelter Stories and giving a voice to pets in need. We look forward to seeing many more for years to come. Keep up the great work!

  13. We would love you to come and visit North Carolina, especially Greensboro but I would travel anywhere here to meet you!

  14. Any new tour dates announced, by any chance? How about Atlanta??? Please!!!

  15. I would love to see Patrick visit Metairie, LA, a suburb of New Orleans. I work in a public library and we would be so proud to have him as a speaker.

  16. Due to work, I was not able to attend his last tour date in St. Louis, MO. Would love to have him return!

  17. Please come to Atlanta! I’m sure Little Shop of Stories or A Capella would love to have you!

  18. Howdy!! C’mon over to Houston!! And maybe y’all can go shee the Art Cars parade too! Pleashe!! Shay yesh!! 🐶🐱

  19. Please come to Illinois!! The suburbs would welcome u with paws 🐾 wide open!! 🤗

  20. St Louis, MO? Somewhere close to Springfield, IL??

    1. YES, PLEASE!!!

  21. St. Paul/Minneapolis would welcome you with open paws!

    1. I second this!

  22. SoCal is a MUST! You can meet my FOUR rescues.

  23. Please come to Kansas City MO.

  24. We would like to see him in Atlanta!

  25. Take “Route 66” (or the nearest highway, in actuality) to Santa Fe, New Mexico!

  26. Please come to Buffalo MY

  27. Indianapolis, Indiana would love to be a part of your 25 years. Your work is very inspiring!

  28. Maine. Most folks live in/near Portland, but we’re used to driving to see someone that we love. FYI, 44% of households in Maine own cats.

  29. Please come to Canada! 🇨🇦 Toronto would love to see you ❤

  30. Warwicks in La Jolla, CA

  31. Would love it if Patrick came to Austin, Texas

    1. I agree – I’ll drive in from Houston

  32. Come to Illinois!

  33. Kansas City, MO

  34. Cleveland, Ohio, please! Disappointed that Columbus and Cincinnati made the list (happy for them), but not Cleveland this time. Please consider us!

  35. Los Angeles is a must….but please only after I return from London, after October 12th…..

  36. Would love to meet Patrick as I adore the Mutts comic and anything that has to do with that but I am having surgery and won’t make the NY dates. 🙁

  37. Oh, I wish you could be at the Texas Book Festival in Austin the end of October ❤️

  38. Boston area please…maybe Porter Square Books?.

  39. Would be wonderful to see Patrick in Southern California -we love Mutts, too!

  40. Delray Beach, FL would love to see you. We’re big MUTTS fans!

  41. I’d love to see Patrick on his “The Art of Nothing” tour. Please add visits to New England (specifically Greater Boston—but I’d go anywhere in NE for this). Thank you!

  42. Please come to the Philadelphia western suburbs!

  43. Come to Portland, OR!!!!

  44. Another vote for Philadelphia!

  45. Raleigh NC. We have the no kill SPCA here and our huge county shelter, a cat shelter called Safe Haven, etc.
    You have lots of fans here and great bookstores that would welcome you.

  46. Please come to the SF Bay area!!

  47. I hope some day you make it to Las Vegas!

  48. North Carolina for a book stop, please. (I’m always open for a road trip, so less concerned about the actual town.) Thank you

  49. Yesh to the San Francisco Bay Area!

  50. Please come to Des Moines, IA!

  51. Please come to the Philadelphia area! We would love to meet you and thank you for years and years of making us smile!

  52. San Antonio loves MUTTS-yesh we do!

  53. Dear Patrick,

    Ever thought of coming to Europe, especially The Netherlands where you have many fans I’m sure.

    1. You could stop here in Tallinn, Estonia, as well! >^..^<

  54. Come see us in Hawaii – we’ll show you the aloha spirit!

  55. Scranton, PA loves Mutts. Please come visit. Please.

  56. Please come to Maryland!

  57. Dallas, Texas too would love to see you. 💜

  58. Phoenix would be nice

  59. Wisconsin???? Please??? Milwaukee area is nice and full of pet/Mutts lovers. 🙂

  60. Eastern PA – Let’s Play Books in Emmaus or Doylestown Bookshop, Book and Puppet in Easton, PA

  61. I would love to see Patrick at the Festival of Books in Tucson next spring!

  62. Please come to Huntsville AL
    Otherwise we might be CRABBY 😜

  63. Houston, Texas needs a visit, please!

  64. Atlanta would dearly love to see you!!! Yesh we would!!

    1. Washington, D.C., too!

      1. Yesh to Washington DC!! We need more wag and less bark!

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