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A Note From Patrick: September 2019

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In looking back on 25 years of MUTTS, I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed with gratitude. Gratitude for the newspapers who run MUTTS; my syndicate King Features (and Jay Kennedy, my friend and the editor who gave me my first MUTTS contract); my longtime MUTTS.com website partner Chintan Parikh; Andrews McMeel, who publishes the MUTTS collections; and Little, Brown, publisher for my MUTTS children’s books. And, of course, Abrams, who published my first monograph MUTTS: The Comic Art of Patrick McDonnell and will release The Art of Nothing: 25 Years of MUTTS and the Art of Patrick McDonnell on October 15.

A special note: Through the end of 2019, I will be signing and doing a small sketch in each copy of The Art of Nothing book ordered or pre-ordered through MUTTS.com. 

Directly through MUTTS, I’ve had the opportunity to collaborate with Eckhart Tolle (Guardians of Being), Daniel Ladinsky (Darling, I Love You), Jane Goodall (Me…Jane)  and the Kennedy Center which, through playwright Aaron Posner, produced on a play based on my MUTTS children’s book The Gift of Nothing.

I would be remiss not to mention the dogs and cats I’ve lived with who’ve inspired MUTTS: Earl, MeeMow, Not Ootie, Amelie, and Lebowski. And all the many great people at the animal welfare organizations that I’ve worked with over the years.

None of this would be possible if not for you. I’m glad we’ve shared this journey. It’s due to your support that MUTTS has lasted all these years. 

MUTTS has been good to me in so many ways.

It was on September 5, 1994 that Ozzie, with Earl in the passenger seat, parked his car on the newspaper page and exclaimed, “We’re home!” And we were home. And still are.

There are a lot of other exciting projects on the horizon and this year will be one of many celebrations. 

I always wanted to be a cartoonist. See you in the funny pages!


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50 thoughts on “A Note From Patrick: September 2019

  1. You are the reason I get up each day!!!!! Thanks, Patrick, for these beautiful little creatures and unforgettable messages of love, care for all the animals (especially the rescues). Mooch is the greatest cat ever with his pink sock!

  2. Oh MUTTS you have been in my heart furever…this past 25 years anyway. Such humor and dignity in your beautiful strips Patrick, I can’t count the number of times I have laughed and cried with you. Animals and our treatment of them define us as people. Thank you for the love and kindness shown in your work.

  3. Shelter Stories inspired me to volunteer with CatAdopTionService — a cat rescue here in San Diego. Mutts is always a ray of light.

  4. I look forward to reading Mutts comic every morning it starts my day off with smile. Their personalities are so unique many times I laugh out loud by their expressions and at times they bring tears to my eyes . If only humans could see the world through the eyes of a dog or cat . Thank you for all you do for the homeless animals, ❤️

  5. Is this the magical year? Guard Dog “unchained” and given to a person who will name him Cuddles and love him forever? Inspire more folks to visit those shelters.

    1. I hope Guard Dog gets unchained!

  6. Thank you Patrick!!

  7. What makes Mutts do great is that is makes us laugh without being snide or disdainful. Like everyone else, I’m waiting for Guard Dog’s happy ending….

  8. Happy 25! It’s quite an achievement! Like many here, I suspect, The first thing I do every morning is read MUTTS. It sets the tone for my day, I have a small terrier, Tycho, who also has a very best friend cat, named Anikka Bengston Crime Reporter. It’s like I live MUTTS every day at our farm. And as per official MUTTS instruction Tycho is a rescue dog and ABCR was a feral on our farm who now lives exclusively in the house.
    Keep on keepin’on.

  9. What a fun and heartwarming comic strip. Over time I have seen my own precious house mates in so many of your cartoons. I receive it daily in an email and it starts my day with a smile. Thank you so much for sharing your talent.

  10. Congratulations, Patrick, on 25 years of giving so many people joy! I look forward to MUTTS every day, and see so many characteristics of pets I have had. Currently I now have a calico cat, named Scout because she shares the same personality as the young girl Scout in To Kill A Mockingbird – cranky but adorable!! Life would not be the same without the companionship of our little friends….and our daily dose of MUTTS!

  11. I LOVE all of the Mutts characters and the daily strips.mutts makes my day and makes me laugh and am so grateful for your support of all animals. Patrick, you and your crew are amazing. Thank you!
    Sincerely, Janet Coyne

  12. Happy 25th! A long time ago, The New York Daily News dropped Mutts for some bizarre reason. They printed my letter, informing them that “without Mutts, your comics section SHTINKS!” A few months later, you were back. I take no credit (save a little pat on the back), because they must have been deluged with angry missives. This is one of the sweetest and best strips in history. And I named my last little girl Moochie, which was the perfect name for her. (After nearly 16 years of bliss, she passed this last January.) Mutts always brings a smile to my face, and sometimes a tear to my eye, but it makes my day no matter what. Thank you, Patrick, and thanks to your team. Here’s to another 25! YESH!

  13. A gazillion billion million ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ Literally no words for how much I love Mutts. Oh, and you too, Patrick 😘

  14. Cheers to Mutts and Patrick! I have read, laughed, clipped, collected (books) and even “teared up,” a few times whilst enjoying this delightful strip over the years. Favorites ( summer whale watch series ) adorn the refrigerator of our beach home, while others ( snippets of humorous encouragement ) are pinned to the cork board in my office. Mutts books decorate shelves at home, and the Muddy Paws market tote, accompanies me to the grocery store. I “adopted” all of you, from the start, and am soooo very happy that you came into my life and that of my now grown children! You are a joy to live with!!!

  15. The way of your comic strip–their cause, concerns, humor, and sensitivity, the colors they convey, the drawing and style, and the memories of the everyday committed and fun ‘n’ lovely life of a mutt with a mutt–all makes my day; every day. Thank you for that! 🙂

  16. Happy 25th Anniversary, Patrick, Ozzie, Earl, Mooch, and the whole Mutts gang. Thank you for bringing joy to so many people around the world, and especially thank you for all that you do to help animals. Here’s to the next 25. I love you all so much!

  17. I “LOVE” receiving my Daily Mutts
    Comic strip it’s the first thing I look at in my emails. THANK YOU MUTTS you make my mornings start out “HAPPY”😁😁😁 HAPPY “25” YEARS & MANY MANY MORE🎉
    THANK YOU PATRICK for bringing Ozzie & Earl home❤️❤️

  18. I started with the paper and was joyous to find you online. You’ve been with me through 4 moves and 3 email address. Between the cartoon and the daily quote, my day always starts out on the right foot! Thanks for all you do!

  19. Congratulations on your 25th. anniversary of Mutts! Mutts has been a part of our family from the very beginning! My mom who’s nick-name was Millie, absolutely loved Mutts. On a chance meeting with my brother-in-law you drew a picture of Mutts sitting in Millie’s lap and autographed it to her. She was so thrilled to have it! Thank you so much for doing that, I can’t tell you how much it meant to her.
    My sister and I both agree a day without reading Mutts is like a day without sunshine! 💜😻🐶

  20. Everyday you make me smile. That’s saying a lot!

  21. I adore each and every character of Mutts. Thank you for sharing your creativity with the world Patrick.

  22. Thank you for Mutts.It gets me through every day

  23. Congrats on 25 years of Mutts & hope for 25 more! Luv Mutts!!

  24. Thank you Patrick for all the great comics and smiles you have given us!

  25. After reading my Mutts fix everyday I always have a warm heart and, of course, a chuckle. Thanks for making that happen. Congrats on 25!!

  26. My favorite is guard dog his story is so sad. I pray that chaining dogs becomes illegal. In all states.

  27. One of my first routines every day is to look at Mutts in my inbox! I often forward to just-the-right friend and have pleasant thoughts through the day of the day’s cartoon. I recently enjoyed Geena Davis educating us about the gender of worker bees. Thank you!

  28. Happy 25th to Mutts and Patrick. We look forward to reading your strip every single day, enjoyed for many years. Smiles, a laugh, sometimes a heart tug. Wonder at your insight and amazed by your humor. How do you keep coming up with funny and heartwarming stuff that reminds us of our relationship with our pet?” Yesh, have comic strips posted all over our kitchen and rotate them frequently. Have given many friends heads up on your strip and informed them of the good work you continue to do to save animals everywhere. We look at our Mutts calendars daily. Mutts goods are high quality, so fans check out the store!

  29. I can not thank you enough for putting a smile on my face, even for a second or 2, or longer, every single day!

  30. I have loved MUTTS from the moment it first appeared in our local newspaper. Thank you Patrick for all of your hard work keeping us entertained, plus all of the work that you do on behalf of animals.

  31. Congratulations Patrick on the 25th Anniversary of one of the most beloved comics… MUTTS has become a community. I am a long time follower- probably late 90’s… and from that very first meeting of the Mutts, well, it was magic! Every single morning I have to begin my day with the Mutts Gang. Hands down the best way to start any day! Cofffee in hand, kitty on my lap and a funny “ Funny” to giggle through…. you are amazing! Thank you ever so much for that simple pleasure of a chuckle and love of animals!
    Sincerely, Valerie

  32. All I have to say to you……. I love MUTTS!!! I look forward to it every day! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  33. Congratulations, Patrick, and thank you for 25 wonderful years. May we have many, many more !!! Earl, Mooch and all the gang are part of our family, along with all of our live family !!! It seems that each of Mooch’s and Earl”s antics get duplicated by our guys or have already been done. Such a joy !!!!!!!!

  34. Congratulations as you zoom toward 25 more years of Mutts. Much love.

  35. Thank you for all you do for the animals that cannot talk for them selves.

  36. Dear Patrick,
    Thank you for MUTTS! It daily speaks to my heart and soul. I love your philosophy, your love of animals and their bond with all of us. Thank you for your generosity with organizations that help animals. I’ve been a comic strip fan since I learned to read. I’ve been an animal lover since before I could walk. You combine them both. I am forever in your debt. I have favorite strips throughout my home. Don’t ever quit! Your MUTTS is my favorite EVER!

  37. Yesh! Congratulations for all you have done, and thank your for all the fun. Keep up the good work. 🙂

  38. It seems like only a few years ago I first encountered Mooch and Earl in the pages of the UK Sunday Times. Since then I have been a devotee! Since Bill Watterson retired, Mutts has filled the ‘Calvin & Hobbes’ void like no-one else could A truly worthy successor. Let’s hope that ‘The Art of Nothing’ is published here in the UK soon and here’s looking forward to the next 25 years (although, at 71 I’m not too likely to be around for all of them!)

  39. I have loved Mutts from the beginning! I still have numerous clippings from over the years in my home office, not to mention here in my “office office!” Mooch, Earl ,Shtinky, Noodles, Lamar. Sour Puss, Bip & Bop, Chick Pea & Chick Pea’s Brother and all of the gang always manage to make my day better. Thank you, Patrick, for all that you do!

  40. Congratulations Mutts and Patrick on your 25th Anniversary. It really is a perfect little comic strip! And is Guard Dog finally off his chain? That would be the best anniversary gift ever. OXO

  41. The gentle nudge of Mutts led me to my first rescue dog, and I’ve never looked back. Thank you, Patrick!

  42. I have lived with animals all my life except the few years after my cats died. I found myself becoming cold and distant from everyone around me. One day, I found a pair of cats on the outer rail of my second story apartment. They were so afraid; I had to do something and brought them in until I got home that afternoon. I caught all my neighbors as they came home, but no one claimed them – a brother and sister. I found them a great home…with me. They lit up my life and helped me open my heart again. I had them with me for 20 years, and to this day, I am grateful for the opportunity of sharing their unconditional love.

    After Hurricane Katrina, so many pets had been left behind and their owners did not return. Several found their way to my door. Thinking I could find homes for them, my sister and I took them in. Needless to say, there were few homes for people, much less for people to take in animals. They all found a wonderful home, again, with me in a Katrina trailer. Even though we are now in our cleaned but not completed Katrina damaged home, they and we are happier because of the love we share with them and our dog (who was once used as a bait dog for dog fights).

    My point is that Patrick captures every aspect of pets so very well, I can see the characteristics of my various pets in every one of his strips. The expressions and attitudes are right on target. Mooch is our cat Junior Stockings (named after his mother, Princess Stockings). So much so that we now call him Junior “Mooch” Stockings. Earl reminds us of different phases of the various dogs we have had through our 60+ years. Sourpuss and the other cast of characters in the Mutts collection remind us of other furbabies we have known.

    We thank you for your gift of the Mutts world. Here’s to another 25 years … Keep ’em coming!

  43. I, too, am grateful for you and your menagerie! Every once in a while you publish a strip that is so subtle yet so powerful – – without being political.. I look forward to each daily strip and the wonderful Sunday strip. I hope you remain neutral in this world today without making a very one-sided statement. Too many of those that we may admire for one reason or another, have shot themselves in the foot by making the mistake of speaking out one way or the other. Thank you for your 25 dedicated years — here’s to the next 25!!!

  44. Thank you for using your gifts to bring joy and to educate about the need to adopt. As a lifelong senior and special needs dog adopter, it always brings joy with the tears when you do Shelter Stories. Please continue for another 25 years plus!!

  45. I am so glad that Patrick always wanted to be a cartoonist. We are the richer for his funny, sweet, compassionate work. I am grateful for each of the 25 years to date and look forward to sharing the future lives of our Mutts friends.

  46. Congrats, Patrick! Here’s to many more.

  47. I LOVE Mutts! Thank you!

  48. i loved Peanuts but I love MUTTS even more. It is so clever & Mutts books are a great gift for children and — YESH!– grown-ups.

  49. Yesh to 25 years! Thanks for bringing us those nutty critters and their people–so often your comic makes my day. (PS–a request to make the Harriet the Spy panel available for purchase.)

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