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10 MUTTS Comic Strips to Celebrate Summer

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It’s nearly summer! Whether you’re planning to beat the heat indoors or gearing up for outdoor adventures, we hope you and your furry pals find some joy and relaxation during the coming season.

Need some summertime inspiration? We’ve gathered a few of our “hottest” 😉 ideas. Here’s how to have lots of tail-wagging fun this summer, MUTTS-style:

1. Spend it with your BFF.

MUTTS Beach Comic Strip
Published August 5, 2001


2. Stay cool.

MUTTS Beach Comic Strip
Published July 25, 2016


3. Get comfy.

MUTTS Flip Flops Comic Strip
Published June 21, 2014


4. Get away from it all.

MUTTS Vacation Comic Strip
Published June 22, 2008


5. Make lemonade.

Published August 20, 2009


6. Take a mental break.

MUTTS Summer Comic Strip
Published July 21, 2003


7. Don’t sweat the small stuff.

MUTTS Cloud Comic Strip
Published August 12, 2012


8. Treat yo’ self!

MUTTS Treat Yo Self
Published August 5, 2010


9. Channel your inner dog.

MUTTS Inner Dog
Published July 31, 2009


10. Play.

MUTTS First Day of Summer
Published August 14, 2011



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