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MUTTS Comic Strips, Drawn by Readers (Part 4)!

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Earlier this year, we invited animal lovers of all ages to channel their inner artists by sending us shelter, foster, and adoption stories in the form of written or illustrated MUTTS comic strips. At that time, Patrick also announced that a select number of submissions would be selected to be re-drawn in the MUTTS comic strip!

We’ve loved seeing your submissions, and are so appreciative of the time taken to create and submit your heartfelt stories. Last month, we posted a small sampling of the artwork we’d received so far. Below is another selection of illustrations and stories that inspired us. We hope you enjoy them, as well!

“I found Emma at a local Petsmart, sponsored by a small cat rescue group called Second Chance Pets. She was at Petsmart for three months before we found each other. Actually, she chose me when she got into my purse! I knew then that we were meant to be together! She is a loving, funny, dear lap kitty and I’m so glad I decided to adopt an older kitty!”

Submitted by Elizabeth Brown (Smithville, Missouri)


Submitted by Silvia Gasparini (Italy)


Submitted by Helena Dewees (Levittown, Pennsylvania)


“This is our quarantine baby, Bullwinkle the orphan Beaver. We are wildlife rehabbers at Red Robin Song Animal Sanctuary, caring for Bully and preparing him for release back into the wild. As we are teaching him , we are also learning from him! Beavers are a Keystone Species. He inspires us to take better care of our planet. Did you know beavers create fresh water for their animal friends? Bully also inspires us to eat healthy. Beavs get their BIG muscles and energy to build lodges and dams by eating only plants! Bullwinkle’s favorite foods are apples, sweet potatoes, and greens. VEGAN POWER!”

Submitted by Lisa Robinson (West Lebanon, New York)


Submitted by Karina Martinez (Queens, New York)


Please note: As of August 15, we are no longer accepting submissions for images to be re-drawn by Patrick. However, we encourage you to continue exploring your creativity by downloading our comic strip templates and telling your furry friends’ stories through art.

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