Show Off Your Ink: Readers Share MUTTS-Inspired Tattoos

Show Off Your Ink: Readers Share MUTTS-Inspired Tattoos

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MUTTS is approaching its 26th anniversary, and we are beyond appreciative of all the supportive friends we’ve made along the way.

Our readers have found creative and heartwarming ways to show their love for Mooch, Earl, and other MUTTS characters throughout the years. Recently, we asked the community to share their MUTTS-inspired tattoos. To our pleasure, we were able to see some pretty impressive depictions of our favorite familiar faces. Take a look for yourself!

Minna Kihlakasi


Rana DiVincenzo Ranalli


Elina Hämäläinen


Walter Van der Stiggel


Gabriele Specchia


Scott Haynes


Gretchen Marie Klein


Want to show off your own MUTTS tattoos? Tell us about your ink in the comments, or tag @muttscomics in your photos on Instagram. We’re looking forward to seeing more of your MUTTS-inspired ink!

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4 thoughts on “Show Off Your Ink: Readers Share MUTTS-Inspired Tattoos

  1. just think. when you’re 85 you will have a tattoo of a cartoon cat or dog right above you’re butt crack. how wonderful.

    1. oops I meant your.

      1. Nope. You were correct the first time! You’re is a contraction for “you are”, which is the correct usage in your first comment. Kudos on paying attention to your grammar…..I commend you, sir!


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