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Birthday Celebration Ideas for Your Fur Baby

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Birthdays are perfect occasions to celebrate your family members, including your fur babies. While your animal friend may not be suited for dinner at a five-star restaurant or a night out at the movies, there are still options to make their birthday or “gotcha day” special!

Can’t Go Wrong With Cake

What’s a birthday without cake?! A perfect way to give your animal friend a tasty (and safe!) birthday cake is to simply stack small portions of their favorite foods. To add a little pizazz, try using their favorite snacks as cake decorations. Don’t forget to add their age or years of adoption at the top.

Shower Them With Gifts

Not sure what to get? Remember, the best toys aren’t always store-bought. Try making a D.I.Y yard ball for your curious cat or a homemade tug toy for your warrior dog!

Throw a Pawty

Break out the balloons, camera, and tunes — it’s time to pawty! If you’re looking for a fun way to celebrate your animal friend and have an incredible photoshoot, try this out! Blow up balloons and hang streamers! Get as creative as you want!

Invite the MUTTS

Spending time with loved ones is a gift that’s priceless and heartwarming. Does your animal have neighborhood friends? Are they friends with your family’s or friends’ animals? Or are you the proud adopter of multiple animals? Invite them all over for a fun-filled playdate!

Are you ready to make a special day for your special animal friend? Do us a favor and wish the birthday girl or boy and very happy birthday from Team MUTTS.

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