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A Note From Team MUTTS: February 2021


Hello, friends!

Depending on where you’re logging in from, you may be reading this while sitting in a backyard garden that’s sprouting its first early blooms, or you might be inside under a blanket while snow falls outside your window. (February is that kind of month.) Wherever you are, we hope you’ve settled in to 2021 with a gentle landing.

Here at Team MUTTS, we are eager, busy bees as we prepare for an exciting new addition to the MUTTS Shop — the upcoming book MUTTS Go Green, which will be available for purchase at the end of March. (Yay!)

As Patrick mentioned in his letter to readers last month, MUTTS Go Green will be focused on the ways we can show love for our planet and the natural world around us. If you’ve ever leafed through a copy of the MUTTS Diaries series, the format will look familiar to you — it’s a fun, casual read that’s written with a younger audience in mind (but enjoyable for anyone who loves animals and nature).

Want to be among the first to get your paws on a signed copy? Stay tuned in the coming weeks for news about a special MUTTS Go Green giveaway, plus details about how to pre-order the book for yourself or for a family member.

A big thank you to everyone who’s reached out to join in the conversation about Guard Dog, the beloved illustrated pup who reminds us why it’s important to speak up for tethered dogs. In a recent blog post, Patrick readdressed why Guard Dog is tethered in the comic strip and shared a “secret” about this character’s eventual freedom. We have truly enjoyed reading your heartfelt responses to the post, both on our website and on social media.

Some of you have said you are “brought to tears” by MUTTS. Let us tell you — the feeling is mutual. The goodhearted passion within this community of animal lovers constantly inspires us, and we feel fortunate to be a part of it.

Wishing a happy Valentine’s Day, filled with love and beauty and kindness, to all.

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One thought on “A Note From Team MUTTS: February 2021

  1. june2020 we had to put down our Shannon girl. she was our 3rd dog I had the pleasure of being with since married life. that marks 32 years of marriage. Shannon moved off the gurney and placed herself between my 23 yr old daughters feet, ever the protector, forever best friend, when the after hours pet vet came into speak with. even though it was pandemic, they let us see Shannon off and away. we still do not have our 4th dog yet…Mutts have been my rock to ease the sore place and to remember why pets are the best gift God has given us stewardship to uphold. it is a joy and honor, we have always had pound puppies and rescues to me they are the best, they don’t have inherited medical issues it seem they just wear out! bless all the Mutts and Mutts! Thank you! Kristine of Saginaw Michigan USA!

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