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What MUTTS Means to You: A Loving Reminder

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To celebrate 26 years of MUTTS, we’re asking readers to tell us what the strip means to them. We are appreciative of all the messages we’ve received, and we will continue to share your responses — so please comment below if you have memories or kind words. Thank you for the love!


“Through the tougher passages of this crazy ride called life on Earth, MUTTS is my daily reminder that a simple shift of perspective makes all the difference, in my experience. Whether it’s the comfort of little pink socks, the gift of friendship, or a good chuckle from a ‘bonk’ on the head courtesy of an acorn of wisdom, I am always brought back to the attitude of gratitude. Thank you for my daily uplift.” — Sage

Published March 17, 2017.


“MUTTS just reminds me of the sweetness of animals and how there’s still stuff in this world worth caring about. More often than not, it makes me say, ‘Aww.'” — Libby B.

Published November 21, 2020.


“I had your strip featuring the animals walking along and one only being rained on by a cloud. The caption, ‘It’s just not my day!’ made me remember to go out and make it my day no matter what! So much inspiration in one simple comic strip!” — Katt

Published April 3, 2011.


“MUTTS reminds me to keep things simple and to smile from the heart. I have loved this comic from the first day I read it.” — Olivia

Published April 22, 2019.


“I start everyday with MUTTS. The comic and quote make me laugh and reflect each day. I post MUTTS at my desk to remind people to love animals with all the respect and adoration they deserve.” — Lisa

Published September 12, 2002.


“MUTTS is my daily reminder of how all creatures are so unique and yet all have the capacity to love greatly. Humans are so lucky to be the recipients of some of that love. It’s a reminder to not take that love for granted, and to love and respect them too.” — Joella C.

Published November 7, 2020.


“The love and loyalty between an animal and a human — soul mates! Reading MUTTS encourages me to keep on loving my BFF through thick and thin, and it touches my heart knowing how so many others — thousands — feel the same. MUTTS brings a positive smile to my face every time I read it. Thank you!” – Monica F.

Published August 21, 2016.

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4 thoughts on “What MUTTS Means to You: A Loving Reminder

  1. I have never felt so much goodness and positive feelings as aI do with Mutts. Mooch, Earl, and friends express the fun of living with cats and help me appreciate the importance of a cat or two or a dog in my life. The whole world, especially the USA, would be better if we lived by the guidance shown daily in Mutts.😻😻😻😻😻

  2. I’ve been a Mutts fan from day 1 – family members are also in the fan club (nephew, great nephew, brother, etc) I have many of the
    books + look forward to more! Congrats to Patrick on upcoming one! Even your staff are great – thanks for all of it.
    Love you guys = yesh!

  3. I’ve been a Mutts fan from day 1 – family members are also in the fan club (nephew, great nephew, brother, etc) I have many of the
    books + look forward to more! Congrats to Patrick on upcoming one! Love you guys = yesh!

  4. Sometimes I can just feel my heart expanding when I see Mooch and Earl. Shelter Stories usually brings a tear to my eye (in a good way). “all the love that i could give” is the best ever–it could be a nationwide campaign for pet adoption (and fighting loneliness and depression)!
    Love Love Love MUTTS!!

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