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What MUTTS Means To You: A Connection to Family

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To celebrate 26 years of MUTTS, we’re asking readers to tell us what the strip means to them. We are appreciative of all the messages we’ve received, and we will continue to share your responses — so please comment below if you have memories or kind words. Thank you for the love!


“My dad used to include MUTTS comic strips in letters he wrote me. He especially loved Earl and Mooch. MUTTS reminds me in so many ways that our pets are little people in furry suits, each with their own wonderful personality.” — Mari B.

Published June 28, 2020


“It was one of my mom’s favorites. I read the newspaper comics to her every day in her last years as she loved the ‘funnies.'” — Mary K.

Published January 29, 2009


“March 9, 1997: The chicky shnoodle dance. From this moment on, it became the celebratory dance in our house, especially when something delicious is for dinner. To this day, my little sister is Little Shnoodle and I am Big Shnoodle. One Christmas, I gave a print as a gift to everyone so we can always see it and smile.” — Cait C.

Published March 9, 1997


“My favorite MUTTS memory has to do my father-in-law who loved MUTTS. He would cut out his favorite strips from the newspaper and tape them to the refrigerator. We lost him five years ago, but MUTTS always brings back warm memories of a wonderful man who loved all animals.” — Eileen C.

Published March 18, 2017


“My mom started reading MUTTS in the newspaper since it began; we’ve always loved cartoons. We went nuts for Mooch and Earl, but her secret favorites were Bip and Bop and mine was Crabby. When I left Pennsylvania to go to graduate school in Missouri in 2000, she would mail me ALL the newspaper clippings with her comments in the margins like ‘look at his tail’ or ‘crazy loon look.’ Twenty years later, I have manila envelopes full of those original clippings she sent me.” — Michelle S.

Published August 26, 2020


“My favorite strip is when Millie, Frank, and Mooch take a nap together. I had that print hanging over my bed because my late husband Kevin, my late kitty Chloe, and I would nap like that. Whenever I look at it now, it reminds me of the happiest time in my life.” — Becky

Published November 27, 1999. The limited edition signed/numbered, full-color print is now sold out.

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42 thoughts on “What MUTTS Means To You: A Connection to Family

  1. “Mutts is great” says my 7 year old boy. He says he wants to be a cat! He wakes up, lays on his back exposes his tummy and says “let the belly rubs begin”. My mother would be delighted to know her grandson is reading the stack of Mutts books she left behind when she passed. Thanks, Mom!

  2. What a wonderful way to start the day. 92 years and still chuckling.

  3. I worked for 25 years in an absolutely wonderful job with a dreadful boss. Glorious days with brief intervals of dreadful. On July 2, 2000 I saw the strip where Earl and Mooch sat in the yard intermittently showered with water. “Little bit o’ sun” “Little bit o’ shower” says Mooch. Mooch and Earl stay put. Mooch and Earl show a little distress in the rain but the sun comes back again and again. Ozzie looks from a window at the two and the oscillating sprinkler. “You’d think they’d move.” he says.

    I cut that strip out, laminated it and kept in inside the front of my scheduling book for the next ten years and looked at it often.

  4. Several years ago, my sister-in-law gave me a present of one of the Mutts books. As a fellow animal lover, I fell in love with Patrick’s comics. The gentle sensitivity, poignancy, and humor slip so sweetly into my heart and soul. Thank you, Patrick.

  5. In the early 1990’s (Ithink) my husband was sitting in his easy chair in our living room reading the newspaper. As soon as he put his feet up, our dog, Corky, came to the end
    of the chair, & sat down -wagging her tail, to let him know that she wanted to go outside. When he didn’t respond immediately, she moved up , put her head on the arm of his chair, still wagging her tail like crazy. Finally, she backed up a bit and took a flying leap thru the newspaper & into his lap, licking his face, like “I want to go out NOW”.
    About two weeks weeks later, I was looking for ‘Mutts’ cartoon in the newspaper…..There it was, “three squares- 1) dog sitting at man’s feet, 2) dog moving up closer, 3) dog leaping thru the newspaper into his lap”!! Unbelievable!!! The next day, I found a wooden frame that fit this cartoon perfectly, and it hung on the doorknob for many years. Our beautiful Corky had died, but I STILL have this cartoon.

  6. I explain my love for Mutts as, “It’s this gentle little comic about a cat and a dog who are friends.” They’re not supposed to be, they just are. And the world around them is better for it. <3

  7. For years I’ve been cutting Mutts strips that make me smile, laugh, inspire or even tear up, to my sister in OH — her newspaper sadly doesn’t have Mutts! I bought her an album to keep them in, too. Even though we both now receive them daily online, there’s something still so special about the newsprint copies, and making fun family connections on them. You capture so well the connections between animals and people who love them, and we can imagine the animals “saying” what you attribute to them.
    Thank you! for creating these characters and strip! Tonight, I’ll be sending her a card with the ones I’ve collected in the last couple weeks.

  8. I have loved the Mutts comic strip for a very long time. Now it means even more to me since we lost our Beagle girl, Muriel on July 26th to Cancer. It has brought light and life back to our hearts during this very hard time.
    Thank You
    MaryKay Wilson

  9. They are all terrific, but the one that i remember most is “the love i could give” . Because if every person adopted even just one pet, nobody would ever be lonely again.

  10. Ever since I was a young girl I had a special love for all animals. No matter how tough ny day is especially during this pandemic reading MUTTS truly makes me feel better. Keep up the great work. I also admire the fact that you support the Humane Society.

  11. OHH Mutts.
    first we’re all animal lovers in our famiily. always had cats. Ocean lover. vegan and vegetarin. dahli Lama lovers. little pink sockie lover. I have so many strips taped to my kitchen cabients, you’d think I was. messy. along with HIllary CLinton, gore, Biden stickers.. we especially love Patrick’s books with Echert Tlle and his coffee table-top, first edition signed books…the strips are pensive, warming, meditative, thoughful, fragile clmate earth aware. it’s the first ting I look for in style section ( actually I get the strip daily online incase I can’t get newspaper).
    I love the strip because it is caring and thoughful. and oh, so tender.

  12. I love Mutts for all the support for animal shelters and adoption. After over 30 years in animal welfare adoption is part of my DNA. Rescue is becoming more a part of the conversation thanks to people like Patrick!

  13. Mutts instills in me that there is unconditional love to be given and received in all forms of life. Every species of animal deserves love and happiness. Once again I appreciate all that Patrick McDonnell does in the name of animal awareness. He brings to the forefront that every living creature deserves respect and kindness.

  14. I love Mutts because Patrick McDonnell brings all types of animal awareness to the forefront. My husband and I are both animal lovers and donate to all the animal organizations. I appreciate all the Mutts cartoons, apparel and fun stuff. My house has all the Mutts paraphernalia and it puts a smile on my face whenever I look ir use them.

  15. As a lifelong animal-lover/adopter-of-rescue-dogs, Mutts touches my heart everyday. Animals are magical creatures and Mutts captures their amazing qualities and always with a beautiful focus on kindness. I’ve been a Mutts follower from the very beginning.

  16. Reading Mutts every day reminds me of all the good in the world. I wish I could live in the Mutts world. It is a delight.
    In addition to WWJD, I think we could add WWMD ( what would Mutts do).

  17. The basic philosophy of being kind to all and appreciating life has always drawn me toward MUTTS.

  18. I’ve always loved Mutts. I became very attached to Guard Dog’s Dairy series. I even wrote you a letter about myself and how I felt like somehow, someway in another life you knew what it felt like to be on a chain. Surprise, you wrote me a note. It said: Vicki – Thanks for helping all “Guard Dogs” Paul. (March 2014) Thank you for uplifting us everyday.

  19. One of my favorites is the 11/27/99 strip with Mooch, Millie, and Frank sleeping side-by-side. It says to me ‘inner peace from basking in the physical and emotional field of love’.
    Another favorite is the 2/14/2003 strip with Earl and his person out for a walk sharing… ‘I’m glad I’ve walked this world with you’. As I traverse the later years of my life, I feel so blessed to have had my beloved huskies and cats share this journey together. The MUTTS strips give voice to so much of that wonderful journey. For years MUTTS has been the first thing I turned to in starting my day. I have files and files of MUTTS clippings that never grow old. They have reflected the joys, sorrows and struggles of real life and exemplify what makes it worthwhile. Now I’m waiting for Guard Dog to be free!!! Many thanks

  20. If the only prayer you say in your life is thank you; that would suffice..
    I make cards to send and strips and quotes from Mutts are the most meaningful and appreciated.
    I had them framed in my powder room.
    Guests would be missed…”I was reading they would say on their exit”.

  21. The Daily MUTTS is the first email I read every morning. MUTTS constantly reaffirms that I am not strange or weird in believing that my animals are the center of my universe. I am delighted that other people feel the same about their own animals. I have Border Collies (adopted through BC Rescue or from shelters as well as Budgies and Cockatiels adopted from a shelter). There are three particular MUTTS strips that I love. My number one favorite is with little Earl. It reads, “ ‘My bowl. My chewy toy. My bed. My Ozzie!’ There’s no place like home.” I still have the original clipped from the 9/30/07 Sunday paper pinned on my bulletin board. Another I love is when Earl refers to Ozzie stating that, “I may be adopted but he’s still my dad.” But the one that breaks my heart and makes me cry is from Shelter Stories. We see beautiful Rex, who looks like a Shepherd-Collie mix, watching potential adopters. His expression changes from exuberant and hopeful to sad and dejected. “ME! Me! me.” I want to bring Rex home and love him. There are sooo many like him. Thank you MUTTS for raising awareness, helping, and comforting. ❤️

  22. For years I would write notes on the back of Mutts daily calendar and put them in my daughters lunch box. I’ve saved every one of them for her, and she is now as big a fan of Mutts as I am. Thank you Mutts for making our memories extra meaningful!

  23. I remember to this day how a coworker told us about one of the Mutts “shelter stories” and she couldn’t get through it without getting emotional. It was told through the doggie’s eyes about how he felt loved by a family when he was just a puppy, but then their hearts grew smaller as he grew bigger.

    I never knew anything about animal shelters and since my husband retired, we have been volunteering at our local no-kill shelter. We see first hand how this effects the animals that have to live their lives there – waiting to get adopted, and some that never do. They spend their entire lives living without ever getting a home. Since the pandemic, the adoption rates soared, but now we’re hearing about many pets losing their homes and being returned to shelters.

    We see our furry friends as family rather than disposable and your Mutts comic strip shows how animals feel. My husband reads your comic strip first thing every morning and has for years. It is a nice way to start every day!

  24. For me, Mutts is a reminder that there is still kindness and goodness around us even when we hear so much about horror and tragedy. Patrick tackled with the issue of homeless pets with so much finesse that these cartoons are classics. As a longtime rescuer, it is heartening to be reminded that our numbers are growing.

  25. I have been a fan for years. Earl and Mooch are very special and they bring much peace and comfort to my heart and soul. I have received so many blessings and words of wisdom from my four-legged furry friends. I can’t imagine a day without them. Hurry back!

  26. I met Mooch and Earl in college, when my chemistry lab partner and I needed study breaks. She became my closest college friend and we spent many hours together either in the lab or at the beach. After we graduated, we would get together for the weekend occasionally as we both went through grad school. We had posted Mutts strips all over our dorm doors in college and would send each other Mutts strips when we were thinking of one another. She passed away at 33. I went to her wedding in September and her memorial the following June. Her baby girl was 8 weeks early. I still miss her every day and Mutts continues to be my personal link to her. She was hilarious and generous and brilliant and one of the most driven people I’ve ever known. I love you, Carrie.

  27. I have found more inspiration from MUTTS than most philosophers and theologians in all the world. They warm my heart and fill my soul.

  28. I hope I have not responded before, but here goes. I have always been a devoted fan of Peanuts and then discovered Mutts. My mother even sent me letters with Peanuts cartoon strips when I was an Army Nurse in Vietnam. Mutts has touched me in a way that is very different from Peanuts. Where Schulz stayed away from issues such as animal cruelty and the environment, Patrick makes you face them head on. I think this above all is why I love Mutts so much and in a different way. As a lover of all animals as well as the environment I appreciate a strip that makes us look at those in a very understandable way. It is impossible to pick a single strip as my favorite but the Christmas poster “Peace to All Beings” pretty much says it for me. It is no surprise that Patrick is working with Pope Francis on a new project. St Francis is my patron saint and the choice of his name and mission to follow St. Francis’ path for the environment have brought me great joy. Of all the wonderful Mutts characters, Woofie is my favorite as she/he could be the embodiment of my beloved Golden Retriever who brought me joy for thirteen years.

  29. I just discovered Mutts a couple of years ago, but I look forward to opening my email everyday to see what Earl, Mooch, and the entire gang are up to. It is always a positive way to start the day!

  30. I love the shelter stories. All my pets have rescued me.

    1. How true, poignantly expressed: “All my pets have rescued me. “

  31. It is impossible to explain all the wonderful feelings that Mutts brings out for me. I laugh, I smile, I cuddle my animals closer. Each character reminds me of an animal or human that I know. Such a treasure!

  32. I have been a fan of Mutts since it first appeared in the Oregonian. I am 90 years old and still get a kick out of reading the adventures of Mooch, Earl and all their friends.

  33. I had been reading Mutts in my daily newspaper for the many years that it was published. The only comic that I read. Until it was determined Mutts and other comic strips in my local newspaper was to be replaced by new comics. I was devastated. So devastated I discontinued my paper subscription. I so looked forward to reading Mutts every morning before work. I would use a particular Mutts comic as a lesson for my students. I used quite a few to teach a lesson on that particular day. Students loved it. Mutts to me is about friendship, love, connecting to others. I am so happy I can read it via email. Thank You

  34. Oh my goodness, I adore, adore Mutts… Bought the 6″ ? Earl and Mooch figures this past year during the pandemic… They watch over me as I work from home advising small businesses… My day starts w/reading the comic strip… Best email I get all day…. All the situations are so life like, so real…

  35. Mutts has always made me smile, laugh and made my days better. It reminds me how special animals are and how much they deserve our love. If I could I would buy the comfy clothes so I can smile throughout the day just remembering the animals.

  36. My wife turned me on to Mutts. She would get the daily strip as an email and forward it to me at work. Not since Calvin & Hobbs have I enjoyed a comic strip more. Mostly because my pets have been so much a part of my life. My wife is gone now and without my cats, I wouldn’t have made it. Everytime I see a Mutts strip, I think of her and send it to her in heaven. She loved Crabby!! I love that you bring awareness to shelter pets. Thank you.

  37. This strip is my light in the darkness. When we lost two of our kitties, Mooch would show up in my email to make me smile. When working as an RN got to be to much, Earl would remind me to enjoy the simple things in life. My life would be so much poorer without Mutts!

  38. i love the shelter stories. have a lot of them hanging on my wall.

  39. My father and I enjoyed Mooch and the gang for years! He would cut the comic out of the daily newspaper for me and we would chuckle at their antics. Now that he’s gone, I enjoy the daily link to “Mutts.”

    I have been especially grateful for Mutts throughout 2020. It was a stressful year for all of us and to be able to LOL at Mooch, Earl and Shtinky has been a daily delight!

    Please return soon, Patrick. We love and need you!

  40. Mutts is the one thing in the paper that I REALLY look forward to. Having had many dogs in my life, and the last went over the rainbow bridge a little over a year ago, this strip makes me feel warm over and over. I still talk to Cooper and miss him so much – so thank you for making it a little easier to be without him.

  41. Always loved Mutts! Thank you, Patrick, for brightening our lives through Earl, Mooch and the gang. It is always a joy!

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