Little Pink Sock Bundle (with Title Panel Artwork)


Little Pink Sock Loungewear Set

Little Pink Sock Character Socks

Little Pink Socks (for Human Paws)

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Little Pink Sock Catnip Toys

2 Socks

'Composition with Sock' Title Panel

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Product Description
Dedicated Little Pink Sock lovers will go head over tails for this adorable assortment featuring Mooch's favorite toy. The set includes one two-pack of Little Pink Sock Catnip Toys, one LPS Loungewear Set, one pair of LPS Socks (for Human Paws), and one LPS Title Panel Print. Our ever-popular Little Pink Sock Catnip Toys are made in the USA and filled with organic catnip grown in Washington state. Each sock measures 3.5" x 4.5" and is made of super soft pink fabric. The Little Pink Socks (for Human Paws) come in a multi-colored design that includes an image of our feline pal Mooch, plus a hidden message underfoot — "MEOW!" Made with combed cotton for adult paws. One size fits most. The Little Pink Sock Loungewear Set includes one short-sleeve shirt and one pair of pants, both made with organic cotton. Adult sizes only. Please note that the shirt runs slightly smaller than the average casual tee. The Title Panel Print (originally published on September 1, 2001) is printed on 80 lb., acid-free reforested paper and features an embossed seal. The printed image measures 8" x 9.75", while the overall product dimensions measure 11" x 14.5". This bundle saves you a few bones. Yesh! A $90 value!

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