MUTTS Yin Yang PopSockets® Phone Grip & Stand


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Product Description
Keep a firm grasp on your favorite cat-and-dog duo with this handy phone accessory from PopSockets®! This handy phone accessory serves dual purposes: Use it as a stand for hands-free video watching/chatting, or use it as a comfortable grip while texting or taking photos! Expand it to 9/16" for more convenient use of your smartphone, or collapse it to a discreet 1/4" when not in use. PopSockets® attach to your device using an adhesive backing that's both secure and easily removable. (To re-attach, wash the accessory with water and air dry to make the adhesive strong again.)
Product Details
  • SizingExpanded .6 x 1.6 inches; Collapsed .25 x 1.6 inches
  • Material(s)Sturdy Plastic Material
  • Care and CleaningWash removable phone stand with water; air dry to make adhesive strong again
  • OriginMade In China

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OK well to tell the truth I was skeptical about these accessories (I had seen them on other people's phones many times) but my daughter got me this one with Earl and Mooch as a little surprise because I "WUV" reading my daily Mutts -- and so I tried now I am actually hooked! It is easier to use my phone now plus it is such a sweet image that I am glad to have it.


Peggy Maher

This Mutts Yin Yang PopSocket functions perfectly and brightens my day every time I look at it and use it. Reminds me to breathe, and to connect with zen, peace, love, and to acknowledge both human and spiritualness of my and others’ being. Thank you!

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