'Fatty Snax Deli' Mug

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Fatty Snax Deli isn't a place on a map. It's a feeling in your not-quite-awake-yet heart. (Yawn.)

Wake up with a grin and 14 ounces of your favorite morning beverage with this classic ceramic mug featuring a black-and-white MUTTS-exclusive design. A playful tribute to delightfully classic diners and dives, it features an image of Butchie (the curmudgeonly deli-man) reading the newspaper while Mooch and Earl wait at the deli counter. Mooch is complaining: "The shervice here is awful."

Microwave safe and dishwasher (upper rack) safe.

Product Details

4 3/4 x 4 3/4 top inches diameter, 3 1/4 inches base diameter; 14 oz.
Made in China

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