'Good Boys' Title Panel
Patrick's Signature Mutt's Watermark

'Good Boys' Title Panel

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Title panels are the unique paintings and sketches that adorn Patrick McDonnell's colorful Sunday strips. This one is inspired by Norman Rockwell's painting "Good Deeds," which appeared on a 1924 copy of The Saturday Evening Post. It features an image of Santa Claus above a snowy, wintery scene with MUTTS characters Mooch and Earl in the foreground. A great gift for any MUTTS lover who appreciates unique mash-ups of comic art and vintage pop culture.

This panel measures 11" x 14.5" (with the actual printed image measuring 8" x 9.75"). It is printed on 80 lb., acid-free reforested paper and features an embossed seal.

Originally published on December 22, 2002.
Black (+$50)
White (+$50)
Walnut (+$50)

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