Holiday Greetings Garden Flag Bundle

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Greet each holiday with a smile and a seasonal MUTTS garden flag! Each 12" x 18" garden flag is printed on both sides for maximum visibility. This holiday greetings bundle includes the following flags: 

  • 'Heart of Mooch' Valentine's Day Flag: Features Mooch playing with his beloved Little Pink Sock along with the phrase, "Welcome to Our Happy Place" in decorative black font.
  • 'Spring Has Sprung' Easter Flag: Features Mooch dressed as a magician surrounded by decorated eggs and a rabbit who was, undoubtedly, pulled from Mooch's top hat.
  • 'Halloween Magic' Flag: Features an image of Earl and Mooch, dressed as Proshpero the wizard, amid piles of pumpkins with the phrase "Have a magical day" in decorative black font.
  • 'Fall Migration' Flag: Features Mooch and Earl watching as The Birds begin their migration south for the winter alongside the phrase "Welcome Fall."
  • 'Merry & Bright' Christmas Flag: Features a mischievous Mooch popping out of a gift box underneath a Christmas tree and the greeting "Merry and Bright."

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