'It's Raining MUTTS' Title Panel
Patrick's Signature Mutt's Watermark

'It's Raining MUTTS' Title Panel

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Title panels are the unique paintings and sketches that adorn Patrick McDonnell's colorful Sunday strips. This one, inspired by René Magritte's "Golconda," features an array of Mooches and Earls raining from the sky. (Or elevating from the ground? Or suspended in mid-air? As with Magritte's original piece, it's anyone's guess.) A great gift for MUTTS lovers or surrealism aficionados.

This panel measures 11" x 14.5" (with the actual printed image measuring 8" x 9.75"). It is printed on 80 lb., acid-free reforested paper and features an embossed seal.

Originally published on April 13, 2003.
Black (+$50)
White (+$50)
Walnut (+$50)

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