'On Edge' Print
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'On Edge' Print

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This funny print features our beloved Mooch and Earl: "Earl, I have a great idea to keep readers on the edge of their seat!" says Mooch. "Wow, Mooch! What is it?" asks Earl. "I'll tell you tomorrow," Mooch replies.

This wall art print was originally created for our MUTTS social media accounts, where we celebrate holidays, raise awareness about animal issues, and honor the bonds we share with our fellow fur parents.

This item measures 10" x 10" (with the actual printed portion measuring 8" x 8"). This image can be printed on 80 lb., acid-free reforested paper or on satin, UV-coated stretched canvas. Framing options are available.
Black (+$35)
White (+$35)
Walnut (+$35)

Product Details

10 x 10 inch paper, 8 x 8 inch print
Paper Type
Re-forested Paper
Frame not included
USA Made

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