Seasons of MUTTS Garden Flag Bundle

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Greet each season with a smile and a MUTTS garden flag! Each 12" x 18" garden flag is printed on both sides for maximum visibility. This seasonal bundle includes the following flags:

  • 'Blooming MUTTS' Flag: Features Mooch and Earl curled up in a flowerbed along with the phrase, "Bloom Where You're Planted" in decorative white font.
  • 'Make a Splash' Flag: Features Mooch ready to jump off a diving board into Earl's kiddie pool along with the phrase, "Make A Splash!" in decorative white font.
  • 'Happy Fall' Flag: Features an image of Mooch and Earl frolicking among falling leaves along with the phrase, "Happy Fall" in decorative font. 
  • 'Warm Winter Wishes' Flag: Features an image of Mooch and Earl dancing among the snowflakes along with the phrase, "Warm Winter Wishes" in decorative blue font.
  • 'Pets Welcome' Flag: Features an image of Mooch, Earl, Shtinky, Woofie, and Noodles snuggled in bed along with the phrase, "Pets Welcome" in large white font.


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