'Still Life With Three MUTTS' 250-Piece Puzzle

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This 250-piece jigsaw puzzle is based on one of Patrick's popular title panels! The illustration of furry pals Mooch, Earl, and Shtinky Puddin', originally published in the MUTTS comic strip in 1996, was inspired by Paul Gauguin's Still Life with Three Puppies, painted in 1888. 

Behind the Scenes: 

Look closely. This puzzle's colorful illustration was photographed directly from a Sunday newspaper comic page and shows the unique offset printing characteristics inherent in the newspaper printing process.

Did you know? Gauguin’s stylistic inspiration for his painting was influenced by his friend Vincent Van Gogh’s attraction to Japanese woodblock prints. Patrick is a fan as well, having studied at The School of Visual Arts with American cartoonist Will Eisner, who popularized the term "graphic novel." Eisner’s love for woodblock prints influenced Patrick’s comic art, demonstrating the many connections between the two mediums.

Check out the 1996 MUTTS comic strip where this title panel first appeared!

Product Details

10.25 x 15 inches
Recycled Materials
Made in China

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