'The Beagles: Tabby Road' Notepad

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Now you can walk the Tabby Road, no matter where in the world you find yourself. Keep this tear-off notepad by the phone for messages, jot down action items from meetings at work, or keep it by your bed to get those 3 a.m. strokes of genius written down before they drift away! With 65 pages to take down your best and brightest ideas, you're sure to be a rock star at keeping your thoughts organized. 

Behind the Scenes:

Did you know? We source our notepads and greeting cards from a locally-owned vendor in New Jersey. Their printing process incorporates a number of green and waste-reduction practices, including batching jobs by ink color to control waste, instituting recycling programs for their paper and ink, incorporating high levels of recycled content in their paper, and using vegetable- and soy-based inks. Yesh! 

Product Details


Made in the U.S.

Paper Size

5.5 x 8.5 inches

Number of Pages


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