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How does MUTTS select the products that are sold?
At, we strive to offer high quality, unique products that will appeal to our audience and be kind to our planet. For everything we source or design, we strive to meet the following ethos:
Above all else, we chose products that are animal friendly, in materials, production, and message.
We provide only the highest quality items that are well-made, feel good, and look great.
We value products and companies that are eco-friendly and practice fair-trade principles.
We patronize Earth-friendly businesses whenever possible. We hope to leave the smallest footprint we can.
Our goal is to offer exclusive, one-of-a-kind MUTTS items. We love when customers tell us things are cool.


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How can I add items to my cart?
Use the green “Add to cart now” button, and the item will show up in your cart. Some items—like t-shirts—require you to choose a size before the item is added to your cart. If you forget to choose the correct size before adding to your cart, you will be able to edit it later before you check out.
How can I remove an item from my cart?
Click on the “My Cart” link on the top right of your screen, then click on “View Shopping Cart” at the bottom left in the window. Use the red Xs to delete an item. You can also change the quantity of an item using the text fields and “Update Your Subtotal” button.
What is the processing time on my order?
We work as fast as our four paws allow us! Please allow approximately 5-7 business days processing time before your order is shipped out.
I am looking for a print from a specific date, how can I find it?
You can use the To/From fields in our Pick-a-Print store to choose the exact date you are looking for. You can also sort through popular categories by using the “Select a Theme” dropdown menu on the right side of the page.
How can I find the date of an old strip I clipped from the newspaper?
Patrick always adds the month and date in one of the lower corners of the strip. 1-23 means January 23, 3-14 means March 14, 11-11 means November 11, and so on. The year appears in the copyright line next to his name.
I want to order a strip but don’t know the date. Can you help me?
Unfortunately, with almost 20 years of daily strips, we can’t help research a specific strip. You can see if your strip is in one of our popular themes, using the dropdown on the right side of the page. We also suggest asking the active group of MUTTS readers on our Facebook page for help too!
Does Patrick really sign the Museum Prints himself?
Yup! He hand signs each one. They are printed on 40 lb, acid-free, chlorine-free, tree-free, and naturally neutral pH balanced paper. Each is embossed with a MUTTS seal, has limited edition numbering, and Patrick McDonnell’s signature. They make wonderful gifts for any MUTTS lover!
Can I use a promo code or discount on a previous purchase?
Promo codes, discounts and other offers can only be utilized during the active period as listed on the promotion and are not good on previous orders placed. Items can not be returned and re-ordered to receive promo code discounts or other offers.

What prints are discounted as part of the Strip of the Month and Strip of the Day promotion?
Only the unsigned, regular strips are eligible for these discounts.


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What are the rules for MUTTS contests?
Contests run on the social media platforms of, during the dates described in contest posts. To participate, sign up for the email is required. All MUTTS email recipients will be included in the random drawing with the exception of MUTTS employees. Once the winner is notified via email, they are required to provide a valid mailing address within 7 days of the email send date in order to receive the prize. Failure to reply within 7 days means forfeit of the prize. First name, last initial and state or country data will be shared in our contest announcement on social media and could be featured on other MUTTS collateral digital and/or print.