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The gift of nothing day

Celebrated annually on (or around) December 15

How can I celebrate?

On the Gift of Nothing Day (December 15, or a similar date that works for you), create a gift filled with “nothing” for someone special! Decorate a box or gift bag with paint, stickers, or other art supplies. Then, add a from-the-heart gift such as a note or a photo. You can even blow a kiss into the package or leave it completely “empty.” The goal is to be creative in sharing the gift of yourself with a loved one.

You can present your gift right away, or save it for another gift-giving holiday such as Christmas.

Who else is celebrating?

Families and schools across the country participate in a variety of ways — from organizing community service projects to hosting arts-and-crafts nights at their local bookstores, and more.

“We’ve been working on Gift of Nothing boxes with 400 K-3 students. It’s amazing how much heartfelt discussion the book brings from the kids. They then share that feeling of love with their families and friends. It’s a very powerful, positive gift.”

— Raphael Pantalone, an art teacher in Greensburg, PA

“I feel like this is a story which is inclusive to all. Students instantly connect to the theme and enjoy discussing gifts that are non-material.”

— Erin Cox, a teacher/librarian in Wichita, KS

“Students and teachers enjoy the book. It helps students to realize that the best gifts aren’t the ones that cost the most, and that being kind, caring, thoughtful, and creative are priceless.”

— Kristin Ippoliti, a first-grade teacher in South Brunswick, NJ

Where can I get the book?

The original bestselling book The Gift of Nothing, along with an adapted board book version of the story (The Little Gift of Nothing), are available for purchase at the MUTTS Shop, where every purchase helps to rescue animals.

What other gift items are available?

For those who’d like to purchase a box or other keepsake, we also offer the following Gift of Nothing goodies at the MUTTS Shop.

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