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FROM YOUTUBE: book readings (In conversation with Chip Kidd)

FROM YOUTUBE: Gift of nothing play

FROM YOUTUBE: Hug Time by Patrick McDonnell

FROM YOUTUBE: Patrick talks about the inspiration and story behind his book, Wag!

FROM YOUTUBE: Patrick McDonnell and Amelie!

FROM YOUTUBE: Center for Cartoon Studies first commencement speaker, Patrick McDonnell.

FROM YOUTUBE: Patrick McDonnell’s “MUTTS” exhibit in Los Angeles to benefit Prop 2

FROM YOUTUBE: Patrick McDonnell: Kamut — Helsingin sarjakuvafestivaalit 2013

FROM YOUTUBE: The Creator of Mutts Talks about Becoming Vegetarian

FROM YOUTUBE: Arts: Jane Goodall, Illustrated –

FROM YOUTUBE: Arts: Patrick McDonnell of MUTTS Comics draws Earl

FROM YOUTUBE: Arts: Patrick McDonnell Draws Mutts, Reads Guardians of Being & Wag!

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