Hi there, friends! It’s March 20, which means — as our feline pal Mooch would say — Shpring has officially sprung! Time to reach for your gardening tools, a baseball glove … a hammock, perhaps? There are about a bazillion ways to enjoy this beautiful season of growth and opportunity, and below are a few of our (and the MUTTS gang’s) favorites. What are yours?

How to Celebrate the First Day of Spring, MUTTS-Style:

1. Take it slow. | Buy
MUTTS Comic Strip: Spring Butterfly

2. Listen to the music. | Buy
Spring MUTTS Comic Strip: Flowers Singing

3. Appreciate the little things. | Buy
Spring MUTTS Comic Strip: Grass Grows

4. Do some spring cleaning. | Buy
MUTTS Comic Strip: Spring Cleaning

5. Have a party. | Buy
MUTTS Comic Strip: Let's Party

6. Enjoy a well-deserved ka-poof. | Buy
MUTTS Comic Strip: Ka-Poof

7. Show some enthusiasm. | Buy
MUTTS Comic Strip: Sourpuss Whoopie

8. Sing what’s in your heart. | Buy
MUTTS Comic Strip: Songwriting

9. Revel in the scenery. | Buy
MUTTS Comic Strip: Spring Scenery

10. Just be. | Buy
MUTTS Comic Strip: Just Be

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