How We Give

Our mission is to inspire empathy and compassion for all living beings through the heartwarming humor of the MUTTS comic strip.

We are dedicated to helping animals and the planet. We’re proud of our contributions — and strive to continually do more — but we know these accomplishments wouldn’t be possible without your support.

Environmental Sustainability

As a proud member of 1% for the Planet, we support nonprofits that are committed to ensuring our planet, and all the living beings we share it with, thrives.

Local Shelters & Rescue Organizations

Each year, MUTTS donates signed comic strip prints to animal-related nonprofits for raffles and other fundraising events. Each print raises an average of $150 (though some have raised over $1,000!). Since we began this program, we’ve supported more than 280 nonprofit animal welfare organizations in raising $175,000 to fund grassroots rescue and sheltering efforts. 

To request an in-kind donation for an upcoming fundraising event, please visit our Charity Requests page.

Animal Rescue Across the Globe

We’ve donated $75,000+ to the HSUS and HSI's Animal Rescue Team, which saves thousands of animals each year in the U.S. and around the world.