Comic illustration is much like poetry. Just as illustrators work within the boundaries of newspaper columns and borders, poets must also adhere to creative constraints. Syllable counts. Cadence. In both art forms, less is often more.

Of course, that can also be said for many other things, and the holiday season is one of them. During this time of year, we often find ourselves faced with limitations of our own. Time. Finances. And we must rely on creativity to build something beautiful within those boundaries.

Sometimes that beauty looks like a handmade ornament or a crowded dining room table. Sometimes it sounds like an old song, tastes like a familiar recipe. It may bring a swell of joy, sometimes a pang of remembrance, or both. Wherever you are, whatever you’re celebrating, we wish you a holiday season filled with happiness and poetic beauty.

In honor of those sentimental moments, here are a few of Patrick’s simplest, most poignant holiday strips.

1. “Snow Angels” | December 18, 2007
Snow Angels

2. “Home for the Holidays” | December 23, 2012
Home for the Holidays

3. “Every Day is Christmas” | December 25, 2012
Every Day is Christmas

4. “Two Puppies at Heart” | December 19, 2014
Puppies At Heart

5. “A Merry Little Christmas” | December 25, 2008
Merry Little Christmas

6. “Faithful” | December 23, 2010

7. “Purrrr” | December 25, 2006

8. “Unique” | December 15, 2016

9. “Filled With Love” | December 21, 2014
Filled With Love

10. “Sleep in Heavenly Peace” | December 29, 2009
Heavenly Peace

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