This month’s MUTTS Manifesto is “To bring smiles to everyone every day.” And nothing makes us smile more than pictures of cute rescue animals and happily-ever-after adoption stories! Don’t you agree?

1. From Catherine Bui & Jonathan Guzzo in Montreal, Canada:
“Buster is a tiny beagle with a large battery. He loves to sniff, scrounge, and pounce on his older brother Ace when he is lying in bed minding his own business. Buster was rescued from the Ottawa Humane Society in February 2014.”

MUTTS Rescue Dog Buster Beagle
When I arrived at the shelter I was alone, underweight, missing 2 teeth and was so nervous that I was hurting myself. But now, I am safe and comfy with my new family—which includes my older beagle brother Ace. Now, I learn and play and just try to make others as happy as I am in my forever home. — Buster Beagle

2. From Priya and Reshma in Bangalore, India:
“A leopardess in spirit, Heidi is now 8 months old. She loves giving kisses, climbing heights, staring at pigeons, and pulling her brother Shiro’s ears.”

MUTTS Rescue Cat Heidi
Tiny and scared at 2 weeks, I was saved from being run over by an SUV. In just a few days I found my forever home. — Heidi

3. From Lauren McLaughlin in Princeton, New Jersey:
“Carl Maynard is a year-and-a-half-old scruffy terrier mixed mutt. He loves playing with bigger dogs, chasing leaves, and his stuffed cheeseburger. He’s a bed hog, a nose biter, and sometime’s a bit of a jerk. But we wouldn’t change him for anything. He’s family.”

MUTTS Rescue Dog Carl Maynard
I traveled to NJ from a high-kill shelter in TN with my 4 brothers. We’ve all been adopted! I love my furever family. Please adopt, don’t shop! — Carl Maynard, AKA “Beansley”

4. From Jessica Behre in Green Village, New Jersey:
“Rosco is a two-year-old blue heeler/terrier mix. He was born deaf but has made a lot of progress over the last year in learning signs. He loves tennis balls, going on walks, and playing tug-of-war.”

MUTTS Rescue Dog Rosco
3 months: Given to a shelter because “New Baby.” 11 months: Time spent in shelters because no one wanted a deaf dog. 1 year: How long I’ve now been with my furever family. — Rosco

5. From Jennifer in Albuquerque, New Mexico:
“We brought Star home at the age of 10 because she was a small senior who needed a home. She’s been with us a little over a year and rules our other three, much larger dogs with just a glare. She loves to cuddle and grunts when she’s happy … so basically all the time.”

MUTTS Rescue Dog Star
My microchip record shows I was returned to the city shelter three times by different families. Third time really is the charm! Star is home to stay, finally after 10 years. The last year with my new forever family is all love, cuddles, sleeping under covers, and I am spoiled. — Star

6. From Jennifer Jones in Denver, Colorado:
“Riley is a sassy, nine-year-old mama’s boy. He loves catnip mice, warm fleece blankets, and anything going on in the kitchen.”

MUTTS Rescue Cat Riley
I was a lonesome 8-week-old kitten when my human found me at the shelter. Now I’m a handsome 9-year-old! — Riley

7. From Mary and Jon Schultz in Waterford, New York:
“Don is an outgoing kitty who loves keeping tabs on his three canine companions and his humans. He loves routinely patrolling the basement, laying on the laptop, protecting us from any indoor bugs, attacking feet under covers at night, and being ‘snuggle kitty’ in the morning, effectively squelching any desire to get out of bed.”

MUTTS Rescue Cat Don Doce
My name is Don Doce (Doce being “12” in Spanish, I was rescued on October 12, 2013). I was found in a metal tube outside a pottery studio. I only weighed 2.8 pounds at 6 months, but I’m the king of the castle now! — Don Doce

8. From Jessica Gilroy in Northern New Jersey:
“General Sambok, now two years old, is a beautiful and sweet Jindo mix. He loves his daily belly rubs and long walks on the Appalachian trail. General Sambok loves to eat broccoli for dinner just like his new mommy. I named him General (Sambok) because it means ‘survivor’ in Korean.”

MUTTS Rescue Dog General
My name is General Sambok. I was rescued from an illegal meat farm in South Korea. On May 14, 2016, I was one of 300 dogs saved from the dog meat trade. On September 30, 2016, my new mommy had me transported to my forever home in Northern New Jersey. — General

9. From Laurel Decker in Northeast Ohio:
“Oso is a nine-year-old blind shih tzu who flew across the country to join a furever family. Oso’s likes to eat and sleep, and snores like a freight train!”

MUTTS Rescue Dog Oso
I flew from San Francisco to Ohio to join my furever family. I spent my frequent flyer miles on this bed! — Oso

10. From Omar Vasquez in New Braunfels, Texas:
“Fatima is now six years old. She is a blue heeler/corgi mix. She has an adventurous spirit. She loves to swim in the Comal River and go for long hikes around the hill country, and she can play fetch 24/7 rain or shine.”

MUTTS Rescue Dog Fatima
They found me in a field and took me to a shelter. It wasn’t until I was 1 year old that I found a family who fell in love with me and took me home. Even though I’ve run away twice, I love them. — Fatima

11. From Frances Wychorski in West Brookfield, Massachusetts:
“Sweetie Pi is a feisty calico. She can make a big scene at any time. Yes, she is a touch-me-not type of cat.”

MUTTS Rescue Cat Sweetie Pi
My name is Sweetie Pi. I am 9 years old. Mom found me wandering around an apartment complex eating birds. I have been in my warm, cozy home for 8 years. — Sweetie Pi

12. From Christine Rosenburg in Kerhonkson, New York:
“Shelby is a prime example of why people fall in love with dogs. She is loyal, devoted, and loving. She is the perfect hiking, travel, and all-around companion. She helps me experience life more fully, and she has my heart.”

MUTTS Rescue Dog Shelby
I was rescued from a high-kill shelter in Georgia and was transported to New York. I LOVE tennis balls, but I love my mom even more. I am grateful for second chances. — Shelby

13. From Roxane Fritz in Monterey, California:

MUTTS Rescue Dog Sweet Pea
I was found on the streets of Sacramento. I was at the shelter for weeks and weeks. No one wanted me because I was old (about 11) and have a bad cough. My new mama saw me on Facebook. She drove more than 400 miles to meet me and then again to adopt me. Now I go everywhere with her, even to work. #Blessed — Sweet Pea

14. From Renee P.:
“Lola is our 13-year-old ambassador of love. Without our chance meeting in the street that fateful morning, our hearts would not be so full. She loves the sunshine, stolen pizza, and sometimes her little brother and sister.”

MUTTS Rescue Dog Lola
I’m Lola! Mom says that I rescued her. Now we have a great big loving forever family to play with. For Christmas, I want all the shelter animals to have a great home like we do. With snacks. Must have snacks and tummy rubs. — Lola

14. From Sharla Husley & Mike White in Sac City, Iowa:
“Mike brought Emmet home from a farm where he had done pest control service. It took a few weeks and a lot of vet visits, but he finally threw off the multiple illnesses he had. Even as sick as he was when he first got here, he was loving and saw every person and every cat he encountered as a potential new friend. He’s still that way, four years later. He does a little ‘happy dance’ when he’s getting petted.”

MUTTS Rescue Cat Emmet
I was a sick, skinny little farm kitten. My dad brought me home so I could have love, medicine, and good food. I grew up big and strong and happy. — Emmet

Many thanks to all the readers who took the time to send us their rescue pictures and stories! Although we couldn’t fit every submission into this post, we truly appreciate each person who contributed.

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