We are going absolutely batty over some spooktacular artwork, created earlier this month by students at Windy Hill Elementary School in Owings, Maryland!

Recently, Molly Crumbley, Windy Hill’s media specialist, read Patrick McDonnell’s children’s book The Monsters’ Monster out loud to her 2nd grade classes. Then as a fun Halloween activity, she provided the students with templates to draw and decorate their very own monsters.

Afterward, Molly shared photos of the creations via the media center’s page on Twitter, where their fangtastic drawings caught our attention. “The kids were excited that their creations got noticed!” she said.

“Lots of the students were inspired by the polite monster in the book,” Molly explained, “and gave their creations speech bubbles so they could say ‘DANK YOU!'”

The Monsters' Monster Artwork

Published in 2012, The Monsters’ Monster is a playful, humorous tale about a BIG monster who shows three very BAD little monsters the power of boundless gratitude. Want to join Molly and the students at Windy Hill Elementary in some monstrous, not-so-scary fun? Visit the MUTTS Shop to get your claws on a signed copy of The Monsters’ Monster today!

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