Shtinky Puddin’ is a loving MUTTS character who cares about his friends, appreciates the beauty of the world around him, and speaks up on behalf of endangered wildlife (especially tigers). He can’t help but to spread warmth and delight everywhere he goes! We believe the world could learn a thing or two about showing kindness to others from this adorable cat. Check out these three valuable lessons.

Stand for Causes You Believe In

Published February 28, 2020

Although there is a lot to be grateful for in this world, there are also many injustices. When you become a voice for the voiceless and stand alongside great causes, you’re exhibiting indomitable kindness. Standing up and serving causes such as helping homeless animals and people, saving the environment, or fighting against prejudices makes a difference. Shtinky Puddin’ always stands for others even if he isn’t a member of the group impacted. This demonstrates not only kindness but selflessness.

Be Compassionate Toward Others

Published January 22, 2020

It takes a kind person to look beyond their challenges and extend compassion to others. (Take a note from Shtinky Puddin’, who is always compassionate toward other creatures — whether they’re large or small, animal or human.) Between the effects of COVID-19, the recent winter storms, and various other hardships, we’ve all likely seen humans and animals who have faced harsh times lately. To extend compassion, you might share kind words or offer to be a sounding board for those who need it.

Be Kind To Yourself

Published July 19, 2010

Don’t forget to put yourself on the list of people who deserve kindness. When you’re kind to yourself, you gain the fuel needed to help others. Shtinky Puddin’ shows kindness to himself by viewing himself in an empowering light. There are many ways you can incorporate healthy self-love habits into your daily life. Try positive self-talk, treating yourself to your favorite things, or scheduling time to relax.

We hope that Shtinky Puddin’ has inspired you all to lead a life of love. In the comments, please share with us how MUTTS characters have motivated you to practice compassion and kindness.

Comments (8)

“Mutts” starts my day with a smile and a moment of kindness. Thank you, Patrick McDonnell and friends.

Bob Lee

The Mutts characters show compassion and kindness in so many ways, but the moments that really stand out for me are what could be described as the “small” moments. They inspire me to do the same because acts of compassion and kindness come in all sizes.


Shtinky Puddin practices the processes of the untethered soul!

Kay Enyart

I just didn’t want to miss anything……..

Dennis Kellogg

Lovely! Thank you, Shtinky Puddin’!


I love Mutts and all the animals represented therein, and the fact that anytime I purchase anything from, a portion goes to helping animals in need. I am a stay-a-home senior with a loving cat. I take care of her as my family, not just a pet. I also try to donate to animal, wildlife, and shelter pet programs and organizations that help or rescue them whenever I can. If a fly or other insect gets into my apartment, I try to carefully catch it and let it go outside, as even the tiniest creatures have to enjoy their life experience, are important, and deserve their existence. I may not be able to do a lot, but I keep trying, and Shtinky Puddin’ and the other characters as well in Mutts helps inspire me to do better.

Carolyn J. Paurowski

He is my absolute favorite. His huge spirit, sweetness and compassion make my heart sing and my eyes sting. Being a little orange-ish cat is even more wonderful because I have had orange cats since I was 5. I am looking at one now. And I supprt a Bengal tiger and have for 10 years with the WWF. I am planning a “Save the Pangolins” fundraiser later this spring. I suspect Shtinky would want to save them too. Small and harmless and the most poached animal in the world. Just the look on his face is encouragement enough to want to save all we can and restore some love and caring to this very tired planet. Shtinky and his cause resonates with me – I hope we see much more of him and hear more of his voice and listen to his cries. His compassion for the Aussie wildfires gave me chills.

Chloe Ross

Thanks so much Shtinky. I love you and all of the Mutts characters.

Sharon Smithline