During last month’s nationwide #ClearTheShelters event, tens of thousands of shelter animals found their forever homes! Just thinking about it makes our tails wag.

Are you one of the lucky humans who recently adopted a furry friend? (Or are you thinking of adopting in the future?) Allow us to lend a paw with these five helpful tips for getting acquainted with your new BFF.

1. Meet other animal lovers.
Want to shout about your adoption from the rooftops? Please don’t; it sounds dangerous. However, we understand the desire to share your joy with others. Consider joining an online group for pet parents, where you can not only share stories about your own furry pal, but you can also learn from others’ experiences. (We suggest the MUTTS Facebook Page, but there are plenty of groups to choose from.)

2. Spend quality time together.
Arrange to spend lots of time with your new friend. Your steady presence — whether you’re playing or just lounging together — will help develop a sense of mutual companionship. Even reading aloud can be a great bonding activity! Any reading material will do, but we recommend this heartwarming MUTTS Shelter Stories book.

3. Create memories you’ll cherish forever.
If your furry friend agrees to the idea, gather the whole gang for an updated family photo or schedule a “Gotcha” photo session, as seen in the adorable pictures below. (Need some snazzy selfie accessories? Check out our cute doggie bandanas and dapper bow ties for kitties and pups!)



4. Go easy on the treats.
Some animals get upset tummies when they’re in unusual environments. That’s why it’s best to keep “extra” nibbles to a minimum while you’re figuring out your pal’s dietary needs and while they’re adjusting to new surroundings. In the meantime, DO shower them with other fun goodies — like this Bone-Shaped Squeaky Toy for dogs or these Little Pink Sock Catnip Toys for cats.

5. Give them space.
Every loving relationship requires balance. Just like people, many animals like to have time to themselves. To prevent your pal from getting overwhelmed, give them opportunities to rest quietly, and make sure they have access to calm areas where they can retreat when they need a break from all the smooches and belly rubs.

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