The year-end season of gift giving is nearly upon us! In these last few weeks before the holiday festivities really kick off, we like to set aside some time to count our blessings and think about ways to deliver joy to those around us. To honor this season of gratitude, we’ve gathered a few of our favorite Thanksgiving MUTTS strips.

MUTTS comic strip featuring Ozzie walking Earl the dog, along with a quote from Brene Brown about happiness.
Published November 24, 2020


Published November 24, 2017
Published November 23, 2016
Published December 1, 2014
Published November 23, 2012
Published November 23, 2020


Comments (2)

Amen to all of the Thanksgiving Strips 😻

David Jaskiewicz

Thanks for not skipping over “Thanksgiving”. It is a time to be thankful and grateful even in this crazy year 2020! We can all find something to be thankful for.

Connie Dunfield