Hello friends,

It’s hard to believe we are already in August.  I am wishing you all hope and safety as we get through this year. As usual, there is a lot going on with MUTTS. 

Thank you, everyone, for sending your ideas for Shelter Stories. It was so much fun to read the comics that you created based on your own experiences with adoption and fostering. I loved them all. This month I created four Shelter Stories selected from your submissions. The four strips will appear in the newspapers November 4-7 during Animal Shelter Appreciation Week. Next month we will announce the winners and show their artwork. Thank you to everyone who has participated!

Abrams has just released a companion 2021 wall calendar to my Art of Nothing book. I think it looks great, especially since it includes favorite titles from MUTTS Sundays. And, of course, it’s available at the MUTTS Shop.

Next Saturday, August 22 at 7PM EDT, I will be doing an online interview with my good friend, author Glen David Gold (Carter Beats the Devil). Expect a lively conversation about the past 25 years of MUTTS. Tickets are $10 to benefit San Francisco’s Cartoon Art Museum. You can get more details and register via their site.

Glen is the author who dreamed of pandemic-themed MUTTS strips; and as you may recall, I drew two of his ideas which appeared in the May Newshletter. One of those hand-colored originals will be auctioned off in September by Heritage Auctions. The entire proceeds will benefit Glen’s local cat rescue, Stray Cat Alliance. We’ll keep you updated as more details emerge.

See you in September!


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I know Patrick is busy, but it might be interesting to hear how he conceived and developed the recent (and very funny) series of strips featuring Segar’s immortal characters Popeye, Olive, Wimpy and The Sea Hag (whoops, I mean Shirley!).


This past Sunday’s comic strip tickled us pink and here’s why…..We vacation each year in Ogunquit, ME and the best part is waiting for the spectacular sunrise each morning on the beach. Afterwards the tradition is to run for the jelly donuts!!!! Are you sure you weren’t there sitting next to us? Is that a co-inky-dink or what!?!

Carol Kindt